Workshop Class Activities Craft – Prepare potion bottles Key Points - Potions and Cures - Apothecary Collaborative – Using the Scientific Method, students test various bubbles solutions Writing - "Translate" Shakespeare Math/Logic – Potions Proportions Character Connection – The Inventor Inside - Prepare for April's Triwizard competition and science fair Big Activity – Potions Class - Students experiment with acids and bases Movement - Polyjuice Potion game Weekly Disney Days Activities Inner space Molecules are the building blocks of life - Students make models of water molecules Atoms are the building blocks of Molecules. Atoms determine what the molecule is Atoms have a nucleus made up of

Is Your Child Behind or Ahead?

Do you worry about your child falling behind? Do you wish your child were ahead? I would like to help you change your thought process. What is it your child would be behind or ahead of? All the other children? You are judging your child based on a standard that some people very far away decided is best for your child – without even knowing him! State standards and Common Core were designed to help make sure nobody falls behind. The aim is to essentially create one product. All children the same. All standard. All common. I would never want my child to be standard or common. There's so much more to life! I'm pretty sure we all want our children to be extraordinary. As in outside ordinary. Thi


Class activities and Fireworks for 2/13-2/17 Workshop Activities Craft – Golden Snitch Key Points – Sport Sorting - introducing a variety of sports Collaborative – Make a Bouncy Ball - polymer science Writing – Rules of the Game Math/Logic – Quidditch Scoring Character Connection – Importance of Exercise Big Activity - Play Quidditch Movement – Coach Says Weekly Disney Days Activities Make snitches How sports are good for us How your body works during sports activities Respiratory system Circulatory systems Skeletal and muscular systems. Language Arts: Play match the mascots to the cities (pro teams) Math Challenge: measure your pulse Character Connection: Goofy: Always trying new sports and

Games Fireworks

Class activities are listed here, with fireworks listed below. Activities at Workshop Classes: Craft – Game Figures - Students Paint Meeples Key Points – Types of Games Collaborative – Game Design Writing – Game Storyboard Math/Logic – Hunt for Bugs in patterns Character Connection – Friendly Competition Big Activity – Chess Knights - a game that teaches chess moves Movement - Human Knot Activities at Weekly Disney Days: Language Arts: Play word games Math Challenge: Keeping track of points of the various games Character Connection: Mary Poppins: "Snap, the job's a game!" Photo scavenger hunt with other guests doing strange things on camera Hidden Mickey competition Discuss competition, stre

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