Revolutionary War Fireworks

Create a "dictionary of independence" by defining words that are important to good citizenship. Using these words, write one or two paragraphs about our nation's history. Write a diary as if you were living at the time of the Revolutionary War. Begin your diary before the war and show how events shape your feelings and opinions. Explore the Revolutionary War with PBS: Take a Revolutionary War quiz: Do some Revolutionary War school projects: Make a standing star:

American Expedition Activities and Fireworks

February 24-28 Workshop Activities 1. Craft - Pictographs 2. Key Points – American Expedition 3. Collaborative – Dugout Canoe 4. Language Arts – Catalog Nature 5. Math/Logic – Height of a Tree 6. Character Connection – Body Language 7. Big Activity – Corps of Discovery Expedition Reenactment 8. Movement - Keepers of the Fire game Minecraft Activities Corps of Discovery Expedition quiz game Identify new trees Experience the Lewis and Clark Expedition Build Challenge: Native American homes Upcoming Events Disneyland meetup: March 10: America Pi Day and Einstein's Birthday: March 13 Celebration of Peace: April 8 Fireworks Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think

Pi Day Celebration

Come celebrate Pi Day and Einstein's Birthday with us! Einstein and the mathematical constant π (Pi) played a big part in the second Night at the Museum movie. Schools all over enjoy celebrating Pi day each year on March 14 (3.14). Did you know that March 14 is also Einstein's birthday? So we GOTTA celebrate it! Although we are celebrating just one day early! TWO locations to choose from! March 13, 2020 Redlands: 9:00 Santa Ana: 2:00 Cost: FREE! REGISTER BY MARCH 6! Activities include: Einstein bobble-head craft Pi basics Pi-ku writing Buffon's Needle experiment Pi-bee competition - come prepared to show off how many digits of Pi you've memorized! Pi-rade Sing Happy birthday to Einstein Pi-l

Emperor Activities and Fireworks

February 10-14 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Bicorn Hat 2. Key Points - Emperor 3. Collaborative – A Tale of Two Revolutions – comparing US and French revolutions 4. Language Arts - Palindromes 5. Math/Logic – Standard and Metric Measuring 6. Character Connection – Friends or Foes – Acrostic Poems 7. Big Activity – Talk Show – interviewing dictators 8. Movement - Barking Commands – ball game Minecraft Activities Napoleon Quiz Game Explore French Words Storm the Bastille, Fight in the Revolution, Celebrate Bastille Day Build Challenge: Jewelry Upcoming Events Park Days at Santa Ana Zoo: Disneyland meetup: February 11: Conquerors and Tyrants

Colonizers Activities and Fireworks

Topic: Colonizers February 3-7 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Santa Maria 2. Key Points – 13 Colonies Map Activity 3. Collaborative – Columbus’ Journeys Map Activity 4. Language Arts – Colonial School Writing Exercise 5. Math/Logic – Fox & Geese Game 6. Character Connection – New Opportunities 7. Big Activity – Sail the Ocean Blue – Reenact the Mayflower Crossing 8. Movement - Marbles Minecraft Activities Christoper Columbus Map Activity Search for Roanoke Colonists Reenact the Mayflower Crossing 13 Colonies Map Game Build Challenge: Colonial Village Upcoming Events Park Days at Santa Ana Zoo: Disneyland meetup: February 11: Conqueror

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