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Our Founder

Heather Martinson

Heather started Celebration Education in 2006.

This is her story.


Heather Martinson has been involved in homeschooling since the '80s when her mom first started homeschooling Heather's younger siblings. Heather decided to homeschool her own children before her oldest was born and she homeschooled all four of her children.


Celebration Education

Using her own research, experiences, and funds, Heather created the Celebration Education system in 2006 as a fun and powerful alternative to boring, run-of-the-mill schools. While her system has had small tweaks over the years, Heather has learned and adapted to the many roles needed for running a small business.


Celebration Education started out as a single class once a week in Yucaipa. By 2009 Celebration Education was in four counties in Southern California.

By now, thousands of students have been through the Celebration Education program.

Other Projects

Heather has served as a volunteer and board member of the California Homeschool Network, as a representative for the Alternative Education Resource Organization, and as an ambassador for the Parent Union.

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Personal Life

Heather enjoys traveling, fine chocolates, healthy foods, early morning hikes, time with family, and camping in a camper van she converted with her husband.

The Future

Heather continues to be a student of and proponent of education that complements the ways children like to learn – indeed, the way their brains like to learn: through interesting, powerful, and exciting activities.

Heather continues to work toward the day that her program will be run at the facility of her dreams.

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