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Turn everyday learning into an adventure!
How you can use Celebration Education as a full learning system. It's authentic, fun, and powerful learning without the need for textbooks and worksheets!
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Here's How It's Done

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Journey Program

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Starting Point

Several larger events each
year, weekly turn-in
All school subjects are integrated into fun activities that introduce the weekly topic.
To record the many exciting 
things that are discovered. Journaling is also used as the basis for all the language arts learning.
Activities, projects and
classes of personal interest
Fiction and non-fiction books that complement the theme as well as books of personal interest
Use traditional curriculum as well as games and challenges.
Like homework, these multi-subject individual and small group activities and projects relate to the week's topic and are designed to ignite the fires of learning in class and at home.

You don't have to use textbooks and worksheets or a boring online curriculum. ALL learning experiences can be authentic and powerful! Students can even choose the classes and activities they engage in.

1. Starting Point

The backbone of Celebration Education's Journey Program is the theme. With an exciting theme, students have buy-in before school even starts. They look forward to being part of the adventure. The theme is broken down into five components, each with its own focus. Each year's theme is chosen by our families so it's fresh and welcoming every year. See this year's theme.

2. Weekly Topic

There is a focus topic for each week, inspired by the yearly theme. The purpose of these topics is to expose the children to a variety of things that they may find interesting. Students may study each topic as much or as little as they like.

To promote interest in the topic, students can attend a weekly workshop with eight child-involved activities that integrate several school subjects. Students enjoy:

  • Crafts

  • Topic key points

  • Collaborative activities

  • Language arts activities

  • Math/logic activities

  • STEM or social studies activities

  • Larger, high-interest activities

  • Physical activities

See workshop locations.


3. Books

Instead of textbooks, students may read fiction and non-fiction books. These books may or not relate to the weekly topic. Allow your student to choose the books he wants to read. If your child is not yet a reader, you should read to him regularly in order to model the skill for him. 


4. Fireworks

Like homework, but better. These learning activities aim to fan the flames of interest in the topic. Instead of doing worksheets, Celebration Education students are encouraged to do activities and projects that connect with the weekly topics. Allow them to study the topic as long as they like. Projects can encompass reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and arts. To get weekly at-home outlines that complement the in-class activities, get a family membership at .

Read more about Fireworks.


In addition, we encourage larger, self-directed long-term projects for individuals and small groups. Read more about using projects.

5. Being There

This is how the students get to fully immerse themselves in the topic.  Students can:

  • go on field trips hosted by Celebration Education.
  • go on adventures.
  • talk to experts on the topic.
  • experience the topic at theme parks.

See more about learning on the go.


6. Journaling

​Keeping a journal is an easy way to stay in the habit of writing every day. Students can simply write about the things they do each day. If they have a hard time coming up with ideas to write about, you may want to keep a jar of journal prompts around. The entire experience is even more enjoyable when the writing is combined with musings, pictures, poems, stickers, etc. Journaling should not be complicated. See more about journaling.

7. Math

Math is the school subject that is hardest to work into the theme and its topics. Many families will choose to do a more traditional math curriculum, but math games and problem-based learning are recommended authentic learning tools. See math resources.

8. Enrichment

In addition to the themed activities, students are encouraged to work on their own genius. These are not only the things that the child naturally does well, but it is also the things that the child takes a deep interest in. Instead of focusing on your child's weaknesses, Celebration Education seeks to enhance the areas where each child excels. These skills can be enhanced by:

9. Celebrate!

Students are encouraged to bring their at-home work to the workshop class to show off. Because they know their work will be seen by their teacher and their peers, they are more likely to want to put a little more into their work so that it can impress others. Any schoolwork that the child is proud of should be celebrated.

Additionally, each component in the year has a larger event or celebration, where several Celebration Education classes come together for a celebration of the things they have been learning about.


This might sound like a lot, but please remember that you DO NOT need to do it all! This outline is a way to help parents have the courage to step away from the "common" ways of learning and step into the more adventurous, meaningful, creative, and powerful learning methods. To illustrate how simple it all can be, take a look at a possible schedule for a student using this program.

Download a booklet about how to use Celebration Education as a full curriculum.

Ways to Participate
On your own
Utilize the format and theme outline however you please. Classroom participation is not required.
À la carte
Join us for just the classes, field trips, and celebrations that you want. You can follow the theme at home, you can unschool, or you can follow any curriculum you choose.
Full Journey Program
Your child can experience the full Journey Program through:
  • Weekly Workshop Day classes (5 hours a week)
  • Enrichment Classes Day (5 hours a week)
  • Topic-related books at the library
  • Field trips
  • Journaling
  • Authentic math experiences
  • Projects
  • Fireworks
  • Celebrating accomplishments!
Full-time private school program - 5 Days a Week
This option is not currently available. We will offer a full-time program once we have the right facility.
Are you with a charter school? Your school may pay for our classes. See the list of schools that we are a vendor for.
How to Register

Send us an email to let us know of your interest:

We will invite you to attend one class day as a free trial.

If this program is a good fit for you, we will help you choose your options and get set up!
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