Enrichment Classes

Celebration Education encourages students to work on their own genius. These are not only the things that the child naturally does well with, but it is also the things that the child takes a deep interest in. Instead of spending time working on the subject where a child falls behind, Celebration Education seeks to enhance the areas where each child excels.

Enrichment classes run six weeks at a time (in most cases) and change throughout the year, inspired by our year theme and influenced the interests of our regular students.

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Proposed enrichment classes for 2020-2021:

Component I: September-October

Into the Jungle

  • first aid – includes making kits

  • ecosystems

  • explorers/transportation through the ages

  • Nutrition & Cooking

  • Geology

Component II: November-December

Polar Quest

  • Santa’s Village

  • States of Matter (chemistry)

  • Storytelling Through the Ages

  • Magic School Bus Science

  • Cookie Making

Component III: January-February

Desert Adventures

  • Communication Tech Through the Ages

  • Succulent Terrariums

  • Desert Civilizations/Foreign languages/World Geography/Cartography/Map Making

  • Creative Cupcakes

  • Dare to Draw

  • "Choose Your Adventure" Stories

Component IV: March-April

Across Oceans

  • Oceanography

  • Boat Making

  • Island Cultures

  • Aquariums/Caring for Fish

  • Trade Routes

  • Artistic Math

Component V April-May

Conquering Mountains

  • Survival Skills

  • Bird Watching or Botany/Wildflowers & Photography

  • Cooking Around the World

  • Prepare for Camping 

  • DIY Games and Boredom Busters

  • Virtues: The Gifts of Character

Find enrichment classes:

  • in Redlands

  • in Santa Ana

  • Online