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Celebration Education utilizes year-long themes to really make the learning come alive. All school subjects are integrated into the weekly themed topics.
Travel through time to discover cultures and farming practices throughout the world. Experiment to unearth the best farming practices today.
Theme for 2023-2024

Ways this theme can be experienced:

Below are the proposed weekly

workshop activities for the year.

Actual activities may vary.

Click on tabs to see each component.​​

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Please note that the schedule is subject to change and may vary by location.

Fertile Crescent

September 11 - October 20
Recommended Reading:
The Golden Bull
by Marjorie Cowley

Week 1

Sep 11 - 15

Origins of Agriculture

Mesopotamian necklace

How to dress for farming

Farm Journal

Measure height

Weed a garden

Garden scavenger hunt

Exercise routine

Week 2

Sep 18-22

Sumerian Inventions

  • Gilding

  • Sumerian farming tools

  • Irrigation model

  • Hammurabi's Code

  • Sumerian calendar

  • Plat fall garden

  • Sumerian guilds

  • Simple machines

Week 3

Arts and Animals

Sock puppets

Farm animals

Painting or photographing the harvest

Write a script

Create a puppet theater

Class animals

Puppet show performance

Animal behavior

Week 4

The Incredible Sun

  • Sun Prints

  • Sun Facts

  • Ziggurat

  • Storytelling

  • Sumerian sundial

  • Potato obstacle course

  • Dried foods

  • Photosynthesis

Week 5

Delightful Dirt

  • Ancient Sumerian cylinder seals

  • Soil investigation

  • Descriptive writing

  • Royal game of Ur

  • Worm farm

  • Composting

  • Inchworm race

Week 6

Delightful Dirt

  • Pumpkin carving

  • Sumerian foods

  • Poultice

  • "How to" instructions

  • Pumpkin math

  • Seed preservation

  • No-bake pumpkin pie

  • Pumpkin bowling

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