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Middle School and High School

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Teen Study and Collaboration Days


Interesting and interactive learning!

Here's a typical classroom experience, as shared by one of our teachers: 

  • We discussed a recent scenario in a history class. The students walked in and one was asked to find some information to share with the class. "A few weeks ago at the State of the Union, an airman was recognized. He is 103 today. Tell me about him and what he did." 

  • She searched and studied news sites and history sites (not Wikipedia). Twenty-five minutes later the student came back with the class and shared what she had learned about WW2 Tuskegee airmen, civil rights, and Black History Month. She summarized what she found and presented to others in an informative and engaging (not boring lecture) way. 

  • Similarly, other students shared personal experiences they researched from interned Japanese citizens, first-hand accounts of Pearl Harbor, Normandy, women working at McDonald Douglas here in Long Beach, and the Bataan Death march.

  • No textbook, no lecture, no worksheets, no tests, no online reporting. Learning how to research, learning how to learn, learning how to teach, along with learning a bit about current events, history, war, discrimination, racism, courage, resilience, ingenuity, hope, world cultures, etc., along the way.

Interactive, supportive, and academically stimulating environment designed for students ages 11-18 who take an interest in their own learning. Participating students get:

  • Interaction and collaboration with other teens

  • Support of mentors

  • multiple school subjects:

    • English​

    • social sciences

    • math

    • earth, life, and physical sciences

    • foreign languages

(Subjects covered in class can vary by location)

We encourage students to bring their own computers.

Cost varies by location. 

We are a vendor for many charter schools.

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