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Updated July 2023

Do you love working with children?

Are you energetic and creative?

We would love to have you on our team!

Here's what we're looking for right now:

Orange County

We are looking for one teacher to teach two five-hour class days each week.


Curriculum Writer

Our lessons are all written in-house. We could use more hands on this!

Let us Know!

We're always open to new and exciting ways to bring learning to children. If you have something unique to offer, let us know! We can help you bring your program to new students!

To Apply:

  • Email us to let us know about your interest: 

  • You may send us a résumé.

  • If you have a great idea of a class you would like to offer to our students, please complete and give us a Classes Proposal Form. Use this worksheet to figure out the cost of your classes.


Employer Posters:

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