Updated June 2021

Do you love working with children?

Are you energetic and creative?

We would love to have you on our team!

Here's what we're looking for right now:

Santa Ana

(no current openings)


(no current openings)


Curriculum Writer

Our lessons are all written in-house. We could use more hands on this!

Purchaser and Preparer

We purchase and supply all materials to our teachers. It's a lot of work! Want to help?

Let us Know!

We're always open to new and exciting ways to bring learning to children. If you have something unique to offer, let us know! We can help you bring your program to new students!

Room Rental

Instead of working for us, you can rent rooms by the hour at our learning centers and you can work for yourself! Go here for more information on room rental.

To Apply:

  • Email us to let us know about your interest: info@CelebrationEducation.com 

  • You may send us a résumé.

  • If you have a great idea of a class you would like to offer to our students, please complete and give us a Classes Proposal Form . Use this worksheet to figure out the cost of your classes.

Hiring Documents


Once we have agreed to work together, please do the following:

  • Complete this form to get automatic deposit.

  • Turn in a tax form.

    • If​ you will be an independent contractor please fill out and turn in a W9 form.

    • If you will be an employee, please fill out and turn in a W4 form.

  • Fill out and turn in an I-9 form.

  • Get fingerprinted for us - Take this form to a Live Scan office to get fingerprinted for us. It's a good idea to wait until we have students registered for your classes.

  • Join the Celebration Education Facebook groups:

  • Get a login for the registration system. We will give you access to the registration system so that you can see who is registered from week to week. We can only pay for students who are registered and have also paid or submitted a charter school purchase order. 

Employer Posters: