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Invest in the Future of Education!

Seeking real estate investors for an amazing learning center.

It's a food court of learning!

Unique and powerful learning experiences deserve

an inspiring and exciting facility.

Learning is enhanced in an environment that:

  • is beautiful, open and airy

  • is warm and inviting

  • promotes feelings of acceptance and possibility

  • has lots of natural lighting

  • accommodates collaboration and project-based learning

  • allows students to move about freely

  • is clean and uncluttered

  • has room to move about

  • has an environment that reflects what is being learned

  • has a large, natural setting yard

  • has several classrooms surrounding a common area

To see more about the facility, go here.

We expect that the ideal facility does not yet exist and that it will need to be created. We need the funds to obtain and develop the real estate. Owners will receive rental income from the educational businesses that occupy the facility. If for some reason all the businesses fail, investors will still own a valuable piece of real estate.

Investor tyes we are considering:

  • single investor

  • investor group

  • investments by founding businesses

  • investments by student families

Once we have serious investors, we can more confidently look at locations. We expect we will need a minimum of $1.5 million to get this started.

Download the pitch deck.

pitch deck cover.jpg

Contact us if you would like to be part of this amazing future!

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