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Lesson plans and materials for your group
  • You get access to Celebration Education's lesson plans and weekly boxes of materials to facilitate fun, hands-on, full-day classes for your co-op or pod. Each week's activities include the printed lesson plans and materials for eight activities:​​

    • Craft​

    • Key point activity for the week's topic

    • Collaborative Activity

    • Language arts activity

    • Math or logic activity

    • Farming experiment

    • Big, high-interest activity

    • Movement

  • The activities are designed for small groups and could be done in one 5-hour day each week or spread out over multiple days in the week.

  • 6-weeks of materials are delivered in Orange County or the Inland Empire, CA by this schedule:

    • Component I: August 28, 2023 September 4-9, 2023

    • Component II: October 16, 2023 October 23-28 2023

    • Component III: December 18, 2023 January 1-6, 2024​


$102 per student for each 6-week component - materials included.

Also available: $25 for each 6-week component, lesson plans only (digital download, without materials)

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