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Colonizers Activities and Fireworks

Topic: Colonizers

February 3-7

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Santa Maria

2. Key Points – 13 Colonies Map Activity

3. Collaborative – Columbus’ Journeys Map Activity

4. Language Arts – Colonial School Writing Exercise

5. Math/Logic – Fox & Geese Game

6. Character Connection – New Opportunities

7. Big Activity – Sail the Ocean Blue – Reenact the Mayflower Crossing

8. Movement - Marbles

Minecraft Activities

  • Christoper Columbus Map Activity

  • Search for Roanoke Colonists

  • Reenact the Mayflower Crossing

  • 13 Colonies Map Game

  • Build Challenge: Colonial Village

Upcoming Events


  • Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Make butter.

  • Make your own hardtack using flour, water, and salt. Does it taste good? How long can the hard tack last in your cupboard?

  • Assume the character of a child who traveled to America aboard the Mayflower and send letters back to England describing Plymouth.

  • Experience Colonial House Interactive History:

  • Watch videos about Colonial America:

  • Make some Colonial American food.

  • Track your family's history back to your ancestors who moved to this continent. Where did they come from? How long ago did they come? Why did they come?

  • Make your own Colonial “Game of the Goose” game, making it like a walk through a colonial village.

  • Make a charm bracelet with one charm for each of the 13 American colonies. Use these charms to help you memorize the names of the colonies.

  • Make a song, story, poem, rap, mnemonic or acronym that you can use to memorize the original 13 American colonies.

  • Make a video to show what it was like to be a child living during Colonial times.

  • Create your own colony on a Minecraft server.

  • Prepare a white board presentation that explains the technology that colonists had available to them. Present this to your class.

  • Create an advertisement to promote your favorite colony.

  • Prepare to share five games that Colonial children played.

  • Many colonists were lonely for home. Write an advice column to help those that are homesick.

  • Compare the colonies in the Americas to colonies in other parts of the world. What are the similarities and differences? Create a Venn diagram.

  • Create a chart that show the following information about the 13 colonies: size, population, year established, order they signed the Declaration of Independence, any other information you feel is relevant.

  • Prepare activity centers about the colonies. Share with your classmates.

  • Learn some music and dances from Colonial America.

  • Eat some food from Colonial America.

  • Read books about Colonial America.

  • Play some math games.

  • Field Trip Idea: Go on a trip on a boat.


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