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How to use Celebration Education as a full curriculum

Are you wanting to break away from standardized curriculum? We can help!!

Way back in the '80's I decided I would homeschool my children because I wanted them to be exposed to a variety of learning sources, not just one teacher and one textbook. I have never used a set curriculum for my children. Over the years I have experienced the power of learning through fun, dynamic activities in which the students are engaged, feel empowered, and want to know more. Things learned in this way are remembered longer.

Do you want to quit trying to make your child just like all the others? Do you want to help bring out your child's best qualities through their learning? Do it! Here's how Celebration Education can help you with that!!

  1. Introduce great topics. Bring your children to Celebration Education classes, where they will be introduced to great topics. The majority of CE's classes are thematic. This means that each week's class is a different topic, inspired by the year's theme. Into these weekly topics, we integrate all school subjects. CE has been doing this since 2006 and this approach is catching on.*

  2. See more about the themed classes.

  3. Visit great places. Get out and explore! See these topics in the real world! Talk to real people who have experience with the topic! Celebration Education schedules field trips that relate to the weekly topics.

  4. See more about field trips.

  5. See our field trips schedule.

  6. Do great individual and group projects. Instead of doing worksheets, Celebration Education students are encouraged to do short or long-term projects that connect with the topics. Help your children choose the topics that they would get the most out of. Allow them to study the topic as long as they like. These projects can encompass reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and arts. We call these projects "fireworks" because they're like homework, but better at lighting the fires of learning. Some CE students qualify for free materials to take home.

  7. See more about fireworks.

  8. Each week's fireworks are posted on our blog.

  9. Go here to learn how to do long-term projects.

  10. Read great books. Instead of textbooks, allow your children to learn from topic-related fiction and non-fiction books. Read to them, with them, and let them read on their own. Some CE students qualify for free books.

  11. See more about reading.

  12. Keep a great journal. Encourage your children to write, draw, and glue in their journals regularly.

  13. See more about journaling.

  14. Play with numbers. Math does not always fit neatly into the weekly topics, but there are many great resources for math learning. You can use math games, math-related projects, math-intensive literature, and even traditional math programs, as needed.

  15. See mMore about learning math organically.

Here's a potential schedule for a student who uses Celebration Education as the backbone for their “school” experience:

Download the chart for your own use:

I would be happy to mentor anyone who could use help transitioning from old-fashioned sit-down learning to modern learner-involved learning.

- Heather Martinson

Founder, Celebration Education

(909) 446-5962

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