Math is the hardest school subject to integrate into the yearly theme. That said, it is still not necessary to use a set curriculum in order to learn math. There are many fun and organic ways to learn math. People often want to use a traditional math curriculum because it provides a path to follow and it gives parents a sense of security, knowing that nothing will be missed. Truth is, the only place where math has to be learned in order is in school. The only place where you will ever use all the math you learn in school is in school. Yet even then, students who take math classes for twelve straight years, graduate from high school, then go to college still need help. 40% - 60% of college st

Fireworks for Italian Holiday

No classes or field trips this week, but this week we're celebrating an Italian holiday. Upcoming Activities Call to Adventure – Livestreams Tuesday mornings at 6:45 AM on Celebration Education Families Facebook page: Classes start up again on the week of January 8th – Enjoy your holidays! Field Trips BODY WORLDS and IMAX at California Science Center 1/17 Register by January 3 Upcoming workshops in Santa Ana Using real books -- not textbooks, flashcards and worksheets -- to learn to read 1/10 Next celebration in Corona: Science Fair 2/21 Fir

Journey Program, Day 2

Journey Program, Day 2 starts January 11th! Register today:

Language Arts Intensive Classes

Ages 13 & up Thursdays, 1:30-5:30 Starting January 11 An introduction to compositional writing, along with studies of English and American Literature. 1:30-2:30 Composition writing Covering the basics of the five-paragraph essay and compositional writing from the ground up. 2:30-3:30 Greeks, the Hero’s Journey and the Origins of Literature A quick description of the origins of Western Literature – Greek comedies, tragedies and myths – and how later Western nations based their literature on the Greek models. Students will discuss the basics of Greek genres and the way they are reflected in modern stories. 3:30-4:30 English Literature Shakespeare, Hugo and Dickens. Discussing literature as me

Math Fireworks

Workshop Activities 1. Craft - Tessellations 2. Key Points – Show Me the Math! - Various careers and the math they use 3. Collaborative – Math Show – playing with the numbers! 4. Writing – It's Greek to Me! – Greek and Latin words for our numbers 5. Math/Logic – Math Races – Timed tests 6. Genius Principle – Mirror – Exercise to be relaxed and ready for more math! 7. Big Activity – Math Can Be Fun! – Five math games 8. Movement – Bouncing Sums – Having a ball with math addition game Minecraft Class Doubling a recipe Measuring point, line, plane, area, and volume Make 10 activity with Cuisenaire rods Build Challenge: Make a visual representation of your favorite number Upcoming Activities Cal

Dance Days!

Registration Closed. FOCUS Dance Center is honored to be partnering with Celebration Education in offering each student the opportunity to experience the artistry and physical activity of the performing arts in this unique, fun, and educational way. Celebration Education and FOCUS Dance Center are offering a block of classes covering a variety of styles of dance for ages 8 to 13 on Thursdays between the hours of 10:00am to 2:00pm. Classes will begin with two - 1 hour classes in different styles of dance, followed by a 1 hour lunch break and then 1 more hour of dance in a third style. Each Hour and each week is a new and different experience in dance styles, from Hip-Hop, Tumbling, Jazz, Tap,

Pranks Fireworks

Workshop Activities 1. Craft – What a Character! - Drawing caricatures 2. Key Points – Are You Pulling My Leg? - Fact or fiction game 3. Collaborative – Method to the Madness - Sequences 4. Writing – Get it? - Joke writing 5. Math/Logic – You Won't Believe Your Eyes! - Optical illusions 6. Genius Principle – Sfumato – Embracing ambiguitiy 7. Big Activity – Joke's on You! - prank practice 8. Movement - April Fish – An April Fool's game from France. Disneyland Meetup December 6th Minecraft Class Mixed-up animals Visual puns Optical illusions Build Challenge: Fun trick surprises Upcoming Activities Call to Adventure – Livestream every Tuesday

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