Revolutionary War Field Trip

February 27, 1pm Heritage Park at 18600 Bloomfield Avenue in Cerritos $10 per student ages 5 & up Register by February 20! Experience some of the uprisings of the Revolutionary War. We start by meeting at The Liberty Tree and getting everyone all upset about the taxes! Then we reenact The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere's ride, the battles of and Lexington & Concord, the battle of Bunker Hill, and finish up with dancing the Virginia Reel! Register by February 20!

Explorers Activities and Fireworks

January 27-31 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Moai Statues 2. Key Points - Explorers 3. Collaborative - Circumnavigation 4. Language Arts – Rongorongo Language 5. Math/Logic – Latitude and Longitude 6. Character Connection – Constructive Feedback 7. Big Activity – The Next Frontier 8. Movement - Captain Says Boat Parts Game Minecraft Activities Seafaring legends Geography activity: places visited by Captain Cook Tragedy of the Commons experiment Build Challenge: Moai (Easter Island Heads) Upcoming Events Park Days at Santa Ana Zoo: Disneyland meetup: January 31 – Explorers: 2/19 Revolutionary Cel

San Bernardino County Museum Field Trip

When: February 28, 10am Where: San Bernardino County Museum in Redlands Cost: $6 per person Register by February 7 Join us as we tour the San Bernardino Museum! Galleries include: Hall of Earth Science Minerals Rock! Hall of Biodiversity Hall of History Exploration Station After touring the museum we can have a picnic lunch at the picnic tables outside. Register by February 7

Russian Activities and Fireworks

Topic: Conqueror January 20-24 Workshop Activities 1. Craft - Monomakh's Cap 2. Key Points - Conquorers 3. Collaborative – Russian Landmarks 4. Language Arts – Terrible or Awesome? - Adjectives activity 5. Math/Logic – Logic Puzzles 6. Character Connection – Heroes Vs. Villains 7. Big Activity - Ballet 8. Movement - Edible/Inedible – Russian children’s game Minecraft Activities Russian numbers game Russian game of cat and mouse Acrostic poems about Russia Build challenge: Russian church or mosque Upcoming Events Park Days at Santa Ana Zoo: Disneyland meetup: January 31 – Explorers: 2/19 Revoluti

Magic Tree House

A proposed year-long theme inspired by the Magic Tree House books. Each week would be based on a different book. Merlin Mysteries and study guides can also be integrated into these weekly topics: 1. Dinosaurs Before Dark prehistory Frog Creek, Pennsylvania - Dinosaurs 2. The Knight at Dawn Middle Ages Western Europe - Knights and Castles 3. Mummies in the Morning Ancient Egypt Dahshur, Egypt - Mummies and Pyramids 4. Pirates Past Noon 1710-1730 Caribbean - Pirates 5. Night of the Ninjas 1633-1853 Japan - Ninjas and Samurai 6. Afternoon on the Amazon Prehistory Brazil - Rain Forests 7. Sunset of the Sabertooth Prehistory Ariege, France - Sabertooths and the Ice Age 8. Midnight on the Moon The

Why Government Schools Will Never Be Good Enough

We all hear complaints about public school. It's boring. There's too much homework. There isn't enough homework. It's dumbed down. It's underfunded. Teachers aren't paid enough. There's bullying and indoctrination. While I believe that each of these problems can be damaging to children, I also believe that even if we did solve all these problems, the schools will still not be good enough. I feel very strongly that the number one reason why public schools are not as effective as schools should be is because they are funded by tax dollars. Out of the total year state spending of $208.9 billion, the state of California spends over half the budget on education. That's a lot of money! Of course,

Attila the Hun Activities and Fireworks

Topic: Asian Invaders January 13-17 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Mongolian Colors Collage 2. Key Points - Invaders 3. Collaborative – War! game 4. Language Arts – Mongolian Messages 5. Math/Logic – Battlegrounds: greater than/lesser than activity 6. Character Connection – Taking Sides: rethinking classic stories 7. Big Activity – Magic Tricks 8. Movement – Bes Tas game from Turkey Minecraft Activities Map labeling activity Magic tricks Battle with the Huns Build challenge: Attila statue Upcoming Events Park Days at Santa Ana Zoo: Disneyland meetup: January 31 – Explorers: 2/19 Revolutionary Ce

Lake Elsinore Enrichment Day

Three classes in one day. Take one class or take all three! Classes change every seven weeks. Ages 5 & up Fridays, 9am - 2pm for full day $385 For full day (9-2) for seven weeks $133 per class for seven weeks Register Now Component III: January 31 - March 13 9:30 - 10:30 Pets and Poetry Science, projects, and poetry about our favorite animals. Students may be able to bring their own pets into class! $133 for seven weeks 10:45 - 11:45 Art Around the World Students are introduced to a different country and art style each week. Students will complete an art project each week. $133 for seven weeks 12:30 - 1:30 Math Games Students play a variety of math games that reinforce math facts and concept

Legends of England Activities and Fireworks

January 6-10 Workshop Activities 1. Craft - Shields 2. Key Points – Legends of England 3. Collaborative - Storyboard 4. Language Arts - Alliterations 5. Math/Logic – Black Death Math 6. Character Connection – Good Traits 7. Big Activity – Royal Staff 8. Movement - London Bridge Minecraft Activities Round Table: Pi, diameter, and circumference Quest for the Holy Grail Design a coat of arms Build challenge: castle Upcoming Events Park Days at Santa Ana Zoo: Disneyland meetup: January 7 – Legends of England: 2/19 Revolutionary Celebration Fireworks Read through the fireworks and choose about five t

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