Five Lessons Not Taught In School: Foundational Principles of True Learning

1. Learning is fun! Textbooks, worksheets, lectures, and sitting in a crowded classroom for multiple hours a day is a slow learning process that approaches futile and rarely elicits positive feelings toward learning. Exploring, playing, questioning, and experimenting is not only a more enjoyable way to learn, but it is a more powerful and effective way to learn. Celebration Education's classes are themed to create student buy-in and interest in various topics. All school subjects are integrated into a variety of fun learning experiences. 2. Every child has genius. We do not seek to standardize children, but to draw out each child's individual strengths. These strengths can be found in a va

Facility Tours!

Instead of open houses this year, we are scheduling a number of facility tour appointments for just one family at a time to tour our facilities in Santa Ana and Redlands. Santa Ana tour dates: Wednesday, June 3, 10-2 Wednesday, July 8, 10-2 Wednesday, August 5, 10-2 Redlands tour dates: Wednesday, June 10, 9-2 Wednesday, July 15, 9-2 Wednesday, August 12, 9-2 Go here to sign up for a half-hour tour. We will have full-day drop-off classes for grades K-12 at both locations in the fall and we expect classes to fill! Fall registration will open soon - watch for announcements!

We're Looking Forward to Fall!

Hi Families! I can't believe this is our last week of school! I sure wish we could have ended our "Adventure at the Museum" year with a celebration! This year's ending feels so anticlimactic! I wish we could all be together to celebrate all the good things the kids did this year. I love seeing their smiling faces!! So what are your plans for summer? We didn't get much interest in our online camps -- and that's totally fine. I think online time should be limited anyway. We just want to provide to you whatever you need/want! Let us know if you have any suggestions! We do plan to reopen our in-person classes in the fall. We will be sanitizing our facilities regularly and each student will have

Space Travel Activities and Fireworks

May 18-22 Workshop Activities 1. Craft - Rockets 2. Key Points – Reach for the Stars 3. Collaborative – Spacecraft Trading Cards 4. Language Arts – Space Trip 5. Math/Logic – Space Data 6. Character Connection – Cause and Effect 7. Big Activity – Rocket Science 8. Movement - UFO Race Fireworks Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them. Pretend you are an astronaut in the International Space Station. Write an entry in your log book. Write ten true and false statements about space travel. Let your family and friends take the quiz. How many can they get right? Create promotions for space tourism. These

Flight Activities and Fireworks

May 11-15 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Flying Eagle 2. Key Points – Reach for the Sky 3. Collaborative – Finding Amelia 4. Language Arts – Plain Plane 5. Math/Logic – Four Forces 6. Character Connection - Moxy 7. Big Activity – Flight Competition 8. Movement - Round-trip Relay Fireworks Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them. Create a poster, hat, or hatbox full of items depicting Amelia Earhart's life. Create a word search puzzle using the names of pilots, planes, and places that were part of the early days of flight. You can use an online puzzle-generator program or graph paper to create the

Activities and Fireworks for American Art

May 4-8 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Kinetic Art 2. Key Points – American Art 3. Collaborative – Four-color Rainbow 4. Language Arts – Rhyming Art 5. Math/Logic – Place Value of Art 6. Character Connection – Friendship Art 7. Big Activity – Scavenger Hunt 8. Movement - Art Relay Fireworks Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them. Make your own version of American Gothic. Draw a copy of American Gothic substituting your parents' or grandparents' faces. Change the implements, too, to tools that your relat

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