Activities and Fireworks for Greek Heroes and Monsters

Image from September 24-28 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Theater Masks 2. Key Points – Greek Heroes and Monsters 3. Collaborative – Land Formations 4. Writing – Mythical Creatures 5. Math/Logic – Ancient Measuring 6. Genius Principle - Heroes 7. Big Activity – Greek Theater 8. Movement - Golden Fleece Minecraft Activities Fly with Icarus Explore the labyrinth Go on a quest for the golden fleece Build challenge: Create a monster Upcoming Events Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana: Disneyland meetup: October 3

Read, Regurgitate, Regret

In most learning environments, students listen to a teacher or read an assignment, followed by an assessment, where the information is returned to the teacher. The process is not very enjoyable and for too many children, the biggest lesson they learn is that learning is not fun. Traditionally, if the students answer all questions correctly, it is taken as proof that learning has happened. You could then infer that supposedly, all we need to do is to repeat the process over and over until all students have encyclopedic knowledge. You probably went school, so you must know a lot. Yet if you've ever helped a 6th-grader with homework you realize just how much you've forgotten. So let's come clea

Activities and Fireworks for Greek Gods

September 17-21 Just listed: Solar Business Tour Solar-powered r/c car included! Limited space - Register today!! Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Worry Beads 2. Key Points – Greek Gods 3. Collaborative – Seven Wonders 4. Writing – Resting on Your Laurels 5. Math/Logic – Casting Lots 6. Genius Principle - Superpowers 7. Big Activity - Ambrosia 8. Movement - Lightening Minecraft Activities Quiz game in the Underworld Greek Gods Identification Game Olympics, Part II Build challenge: Build one of the seven wonders Upcoming Events Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana: Disneyland meetup: September 19 Fi

PFD Academy

Long Beach Thursdays, 10-12 Santa Ana Wednesdays, 12-2 October 31-June 5 (no class December 25-January 2) Grades 6-12 $630 for 30 weeks + $50 materials fee Study and organizational skills to prepare students for college graduation Skills students will learn: Become an effective test-taker Be accountable for their progress & classes Take effective lecture notes Strategize their pathway to college acceptance Develop a system to succeed in school Take college courses while in high school Eliminate “missing assignments” Be rewarded for their academic success Remember without being reminded Understand the college process Want to succeed for him/herself Prepare for and be eligible for college scho

What is Celebration Education all about?

We're writing a book on how to have powerful learning experiences without using curriculum, but in truth the approach is very simple: Learning should be fun. Children learn more quickly and the learning is more memorable when it's fun. Our hopes are that by introducing topics through fun activities, we will spark an interest in the learners. Once curiosity is sparked, who knows where it'll lead? Let your children explore the topic on their own and within their own intelligences and learning styles. Let them choose how they will “play” with the information. Will they spend a couple hours Googling about it? Will they make posters? Write plays? Can you think of some ways your child would enjoy

Fireworks for Ancient Greece

September 10-14 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Greek Vase 2. Key Points – Greek Artifacts 3. Collaborative – Cracked Pot 4. Writing – Epic Poem 5. Math/Logic - Triangles 6. Genius Principle – Nine Heads are Better than One 7. Big Activity – Greek Festival 8. Movement - Olympics Minecraft Activities Introduction to the hero's journey Experience the hero's journey Fight in the Trojan War Participate in Olympics Build Challenge: Make the Parthenon or other ancient Greek structure Upcoming Activities Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana Disneyland meetup: September 19 Field trips 9/12 Getty Villa

What Makes You Tick?

Covina Mondays, 11-12 October 29 - December 10 (no class November 19) Grades 9-12 $108 for six weeks Register Now Self-Management Skills for the Teen World Come learn how your brain controls the way you concentrate, solve problems and get things done. This class is for high school aged students who want to understand and develop their self-management skills, also known as executive skills. This class connects the dots between how the teen brain works and how it controls actions, thoughts and feelings. By growing an understanding of these critical skills, teens can begin to develop strategies to improve the way they: Manage risks Handle emotions Organize tasks and projects Manage time Mainta

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