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Classes Starting In January

It's time to sign up for our classes that start in January!

Classes in Lake Forest (Mondays and Wednesdays), Redlands (Mondays and Wednesdays), and Temecula (Tuesdays)

Full-Day and Part-Day options are available.

All classes are hands-on, activity-based, and collaborative activities.

Here's a description of each of the classes

Mondays in Lake Forest and Redlands

Cost for 6 weeks:

$348 for 9am-2pm (charter school price)

$288 for 9am-2pm (paid out of pocket upfront)

$216 for 9am-12pm

Ages 5-12: STEAM World Workshop Inspired by Around the World in 80 Days

January 9: Southeast Asia batik, currency, planets, mangoes January 16: China new year's dragon, Great Wall, ice cream, barometer, silk January 23: Hong Kong Chinese drum, substance abuse, Yang Hui Triangle, rolling ball structure, chopsticks January 30 Chinese Transportation sumi-e, cars in China, speed, maglev train, helicopters February 6 Japanese Arts Wabi-Sabi, manga, landscapes, tsunamis, ikebana, haiku February 13 Japan zen garden, 19th century Japan, soroban, sushi, otedama

Ages 12-18: Teen Study and Collaboration Customized to the students in the class

Tuesdays in Temecula

Cost for 15 55-minute classes: $240

Grades 3-8 (9:00) World History & Cultures China and Japan

Grades TK-2 (11:00) American History Revolutionary War & Presidents

Grades TK-2 (12:30) Math Games A variety of fun math games

Wednesdays in Lake Forest

Cost for 6 weeks: $216 for 9am-12pm

Ages 5-12 Enrichment Classes, 3 in one day:

Coding Fun coding projects each week.

Asian Arts Learn about and create art from a variety of Asian countries.

Math games Including abacus, measurement, and currency.

Wednesdays in Redlands

Ages 5-12 Enrichment Classes

Cost for 6 weeks:

One class (1 hour, 20 minutes): $120

Two classes and one break (3 hours, 10 minutes): $216

Three classes and two breaks in one day (5 hours):

$348 for charter schools

$288 out of pocket upfront

Available classes:

9:00 Math Games Including abacus, measurement, and currency

10:20 Break/outdoor play

10:50 Asian Performance Arts Students learn about famous performance art styles from around Asia and vlog about their experiences.

12:10 Lunch break/outdoor play

12:40 Coding Fun coding projects each week

Contact us to set up a free trial class:

(877) 676-8884


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