At-Home Activities: Explorer's Tool Kit

October 26-30 Workshop Class Activities Craft – Photo Frames Key Points – Ten Essentials Collaborative – Biomes Language Arts - 10 Essentials of Punctuation Math/Logic – Odds of Survival Prepare for Adventure - Disaster Supplies Big Activity – Slippery Soles Experiment Movement - Who’s the Leader? At-Home Activities See a suggested week schedule at Materials Various fiction and non-fiction books that relate to North and South Poles (here are some suggestions: ) notebook or lined paper pencil tally sheet (at the end of the outline) number ladder (

CE - Time to Register for Component II!

Celebration Education has five six-week components each year. Our second one starts October 26! We're integrating all K-6 school subjects into a component all about exploring the poles! Classes are held in Santa Ana, Redlands, and online! Ask about cash discounts for our in-person classes. Ask about trying out a free class before you join! Also available: Teen Study and Collaboration classes for middle and high school! Go to

AT-Home Activities: Into the Jungle - Discover Natural Wonders

Week 6, October 12-16 See a suggested week schedule at Materials “Who Is Jane Goodall?” various fiction and non-fiction books that relate to exploration journal or writing paper ingredients to make Peanut Butter-Chocolate No-Bake Cookies: a deck of cards 3-4 different flowers Workshop Class Activities Craft – Tree Cookies Key Points – Jungle Diorama Collaborative – Flower Dissection Language Arts – Rainforest Flavors Math/Logic – Rainforest Foods Prepare for Adventure – Acid Attack Big Activity – Biome in a Bag Movement - Photosynthes

At-Home Activities: Into the Jungle - Search for Lost Cities

Week 5, October 12-17 See a suggested week schedule at Workshop Class Activities Craft – Make Worry Dolls Key Points – Ancient America Collaborative – Aztec Society Language Arts – Maya Glyphs Math/Logic - Patolli Game Prepare for Adventure - Lashing Big Activity – Tortillas and Chocolate Movement - Taco Battle At-Home Activities Materials • book: “Who Is Jane Goodall?” • various fiction and non-fiction books that relate to Ancient American Civilizations • journal or writing paper • pencil • scrapbooking materials • dry beans in a cup • four apples • ingredients for making Mayan chocolate • a deck of playing cards • game board (included), printe

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