Summer REC Time

As classes are over for this school year and we're all ready to dive into summer, we won't be sending out the weekly fireworks. That doesn't mean learning isn't happening. I am a big proponent of what I call REC Time. Let me tell you what REC Time means to me. First off, REC Time is not just entertainment and recreation, it's re-creation. It's a time to recreate yourself. To reconnect with who you are and to create the self you want to be. You can: Read Explore and Exercise Create These are actually the things that children naturally like to do and will do unless we get in their way. We don't need to fill their days with educational activities for them to learn and be healthy. Here's what yo

One Size Fits All?

Have you ever tried wearing a shirt that claimed to be “One size fits all”? How did it fit? Certainly not as well as a shirt your size. Further, if you've ever been fortunate enough to wear a shirt that was made just for you, how would that compare? Obviously, there's a world of difference between a one-size-fits-all shirt and a custom-made shirt. Would it be any different for education? In a classroom of thirty students, are all children at the same level? We all know that any given class will have a mix of levels, anywhere from gifted to delayed. In an ideal world, each of these children would have a custom-tailored learning experience made just for their specific learning needs. There wou

Activities and Fireworks for France

Classes Activities 1. Craft - Mural 2. Key Points – French People, Places, and Events 3. Collaborative – A Tale of Two Revolutions 4. Writing – French Phrases 5. Math/Logic - Metrics 6. Genius Principle – Tribute to Me 7. Big Activity – French Meal 8. Movement - Mime Disneyland Meetup: Genius at Work Walt's Inventions other inventors inventor's affirmations and exercises Minecraft Class visit the Louvre build the Eiffel tower review the year play on PVP field Fireworks In your journal, write about your favorite class this year. In your journal, write about this things you will do this summer. Do some online Napoleon activities: Listen to some

Art Vs. Science

Which is more important: art or science? Too often, children are discouraged from aiming to become professional dancers, artists, or musicians. But why? Parents feel they are being realistic by pointing out to their children that it's hard to make a living in the arts and that they should drop those fantasies in favor of more academic studies. I believe that by discouraging children from these enjoyments, we do them great a great disservice. We teach them that it's never prudent to put your whole heart into their passions. We teach them that's it's not reasonable work hard for something unique, that they're not good enough anyway, and that they'll only succeed if they focus on academics, jus

Activities and Fireworks for War Machines

Make your own artillery and challenge someone to target shooting. Some ideas are: Slingshot to shoot marshmallows or water balloons Crossbow or Bow & arrow – use a shaft with a pencil eraser for the arrowhead. Marshmallow gun Catapult for water balloons Rubber band gun Imagine that you are writing a script for a movie. It is a battle set in Renaissance times. The armies fight using Leonardo’s war machines. How would the battles play out? This may be written out, or drawn in storyboard fashion. Learn about the Great Wall of China. Why was it built? Was it effective? What is the wall used for now? Write your discoveries in your notebook. Work on your genius project. Play some math games. Read

The Importance of Being Wrong

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.” This is just one of many nuggets from Sir Ken Robinson’s marvelous presentation on education and creativity at TED 2006. Here's another nice moment: “We don’t grow in to creativity, we grow out of it…we get educated out of it.” This was illustrated to me last year, when I had an opportunity to visit two different children's classes, each given the same lesson by the same teacher. First was the younger children, ages 3-8. When asked a particular question, these children were replete with answers. The board quickly filled up with their responses and the children were still raising their hands. The teacher coul

Craftsmanship Activities and Fireworks

Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Scary Shield 2. Key Points – Assembling a Craft 3. Collaborative – Guilds 4. Writing - Captions 5. Math/Logic - Crafters' Wages 6. Genius Principle - Hobbies 7. Big Activity - Woodworking 8. Movement - Button, Button, Who's Got the Button? Minecraft Activities Woodworking Various Crafts Crafting Fair Build Challenge: Interior Design Disneyland Meetup Observe various crafts within the park Interview a crafter Go on a hunt for more arts and crafts Upcoming Activities Weekly Teen Hang Outs – Wednesdays in Santa Ana 5/9 Disneyland meetup: Craftsmanship Fireworks

Enrichment Classes for 2018-2019

Whenever possible, we like to offer enrichment classes that complement our year's themes. We also offer classes that are of interest to our students. Here are our plans for our Friday enrichment classes at our Santa Ana location. Registration for these classes can be found here. Component I: The Odyssey September 14 - October 19 9:30 Coding With Scratch (ages 5-12) Geology (ages 12-18) 10:45 Greek Heroes and Greek Words (ages 5-12) Sign Language (ages 12-18) 12:00 STEAM Maker Studio (ages 10 & up) 12:30 Hospitality and Etiquette, including food (ages 5-12) Component II: A Christmas Carol November 2 - December 14 9:30 Charity Work (ages 5-12) 10:45 Build a Business (ages 5-12) NaNoWriMo: writ

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