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Activities and Fireworks for France

Classes Activities

1. Craft - Mural

2. Key Points – French People, Places, and Events

3. Collaborative – A Tale of Two Revolutions

4. Writing – French Phrases

5. Math/Logic - Metrics

6. Genius Principle – Tribute to Me

7. Big Activity – French Meal

8. Movement - Mime

Disneyland Meetup: Genius at Work

  • Walt's Inventions

  • other inventors

  • inventor's affirmations and exercises

Minecraft Class

  • visit the Louvre

  • build the Eiffel tower

  • review the year

  • play on PVP field


  • In your journal, write about your favorite class this year.

  • In your journal, write about this things you will do this summer.

  • Do some online Napoleon activities:

  • Listen to some music from France.

  • Write about your favorite person from France.

  • Make up your own mime routine

  • Prepare a traditional French meal for your family.

  • Learn a traditional French dance.

  • Make a Lego or toothpick Eiffel Tower.

  • Make up a dance to Frère Jacques.

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