Topic: Doldrums February 25 – March 1 The Phantom Tollbooth, Chapters 1 & 2 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Play with gears 2. Key Points - Doldrums 3. Collaborative – Quest for Questions 4. Writing – Homophones Hunt 5. Math/Logic – Lethargarian Schedule 6. Genius Principle – My Schedule 7. Big Activity - Beating the Doldrums 8. Movement - Take a Walk Minecraft Activities Explore Milo's room Go through tollbooth, beyond Expectations, and into the Doldrums Escape the doldrums by thinking of great thinkers Experience multiple intelligences Build Challenge: What you like to do in order to stay out of the Dolrums Upcoming Events Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana

How I Homeschooled My Children

I never considered myself to be an unschooler, but I really am one. I started "homeschooling" when my oldest turned 3. That was 1992. Now my youngest is 17 and my years as a homeschool mom are winding down, giving me cause to reflect on the adventures I've been on with my children. I never taught my children to read. I never bought curriculum. I never joined a charter school. I let my children dig holes in the yard. I bought books and soundtracks instead of movies. "School supplies" included library books and stuff I bought at Home Depot. "School research" included going on lots of field trips. Here's a run-down of what my children did for "school": My oldest read a lot and wrote a lot. Math

CIV Enrichment in Santa Ana

Fridays, 9-2 March 1 - April 5 Take one, two, or three classes in one day $330 for the full day for six weeks (3 classes in a day) Register Now 9:30 - 10:30 Robotics Students are introduced to robotics basics, including robot building, programming, and competing! Ages 5-12 $108 for six weeks 10:45 - 11:45 Lands of Sight and Sound Music and art history, theory, and practice. Students are introduced to a variety of musicians, artists, styles, and techniques. Ages 5-12 $108 for six weeks 12:30 - 1:30 Superhero Yoga Yoga with superhero poses! Ages 5-12 $108 for six weeks Celebration Education's Learning Bottega 2020 East First Street, Suite 103, Santa Ana Register Now

Activities and Fireworks for Food

February 11-15 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapters 11-12 Help us choose next year's theme! Go here to vote: Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Pop-up Card 2. Key Points – Food as Traditions 3. Collaborative – Candy Science 4. Writing – Napkin Ideas 5. Math/Logic – Menu Math 6. Genius Principle – Mock Trial 7. Big Activity - Tarts 8. Movement - Food Fight Minecraft Activities Tea party Food as part of celebrations and holidays Food groups Follow a recipe Build challenge: Create the tea party scene Upcoming Events Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana Disneyland meetup: March 6 - Worlds of Words a

Teen Study Hours

Come study with us!! FREE!! 9-2 Tuesdays Ages 12 & up Celebration Education Study Center 32819 Yucaipa Blvd., Suite 2, Yucaipa NOTE: Teen Study Hours have been suspended - at least for now. We need more kids to come! If your teen is interested in coming let us know and we can start this up again!! This is an opportunity for homeschooled teens to get out of the house and to do their schoolwork while hanging out with peers. Teens can use this time to: Do schoolwork Work on individual projects Work on group projects Associate with other teens Teens are encouraged to bring: water snacks lunch schoolwork projects computer This time is NOT: a class tutoring babysitting - Teens may be dropped off,

Activities and Fireworks for Ocean Animals

Topic: Ocean Animals February 4-8 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapters 9-10 Help us choose next year's theme! Go here to vote: Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Shell Creatures 2. Key Points – Our Ocean 3. Collaborative – Ocean Life 4. Writing – Jabberwocky Poem 5. Math/Logic – Tricky Tentacles Word Problems 6. Genius Principle – Bad Guys 7. Big Activity – Squid Dissection 8. Movement - Clownfish Game Minecraft Activities Oceans of the world Water atoms and states of matter Hunt: find the ocean animals Upcoming Events Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana Disneyland meetup: February 6 - Stories

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