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Activities and Fireworks for Food

February 11-15

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapters 11-12

Help us choose next year's theme! Go here to vote:

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Pop-up Card

2. Key Points – Food as Traditions

3. Collaborative – Candy Science

4. Writing – Napkin Ideas

5. Math/Logic – Menu Math

6. Genius Principle – Mock Trial

7. Big Activity - Tarts

8. Movement - Food Fight

Minecraft Activities

  1. Tea party

  2. Food as part of celebrations and holidays

  3. Food groups

  4. Follow a recipe

  5. Build challenge: Create the tea party scene

Upcoming Events

  • Weekly teen hangouts in Santa Ana

  • Disneyland meetup: March 6 - Worlds of Words and Numbers

  • Field trips – Trips are currently being scheduled! New trips posted here:

  • 2/20 Celebration: Tea With Alice:


Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Do some candy experiments:




  • If you had your own restaurant, what food would you serve? Create your menu.

  • Use story starters to write your own short story:

  • Hold a taste test with your family, possibly with baby food. Can they identify the foods they are tasting?

  • Divide foods into their food groups.

  • Make a food budget for your family. Create menus for a week. Make a shopping list. Estimate how much it will cost to purchase the necessary ingredients. Go shopping with your list. Compare the prices of the varying brands of the ingredients. Purchase the items that are the best value. Help make the meals you planned.

  • Create a healthy meal.

  • Eat foods from your own ancestral background.

  • Find out how bugs have been eaten throughout history all over the world. Try out some bugs:

  • Hold a family cooking contest:

  • Make some of the foods mentioned in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Some ideas: potion, cake, pepper soup, tea, bread and butter, mock turtle soup, lobster, tarts.

  • Play a food game:

  • Start a food fight.

  • Hold a cream pie eating contest.

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