Being There: Field Trips

Learning on Your Feet John Medina of Brain Rules said, “If you were to design an almost perfect anti-brain learning environment, it would look something like this.” You can watch the video about the importance of learning on your feet here: People assume that the longer a student spends sitting “on task” at a desk, the more learning is happening. In reality, after sitting for a few minutes, the brain’s ability to process information is greatly reduced. Students should not sit for long. They need to move and be active participants in the learning process. Motor skills are fundamental to learning. Educator Eric Jensen said, "Physical activity is good

Correct Information

"What is placed in a child's brain during the first six years of life is probably there to stay. If you put misinformation into his brain during this period, it is extremely hard to erase it." - Dr. Glen Doman While a lot of Dr. Glenn Doman's work was with babies and young children, the principle has bearing on all of us. I once had a student with an unique name sign up for one of my classes. Having never heard his name pronounced, I pronounced it the way that made the most sense to me. When the class started a couple weeks later, I met this boy and learned the correct pronunciation of his name – it was not how I had assumed it would be. Now I had “learned” the correct pronunciation, but

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