Space Ships Activities and Fireworks

Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Helium UFO's 2. Key Points – History of Space Travel 3. Collaborative – Mars Bingo 4. Writing – Living in Space 5. Math/Logic – How Fast? 6. Character Connection – The Magic of Determination 7. Big Activity – Rocket Science 8. Movement - Ring Saturn Minecraft Activities 1. Experience the Floo Network 2. Take a rocket to Mars 3. Build a Mars colony 4. Graduate from Hogwarts 5. Take boats and Hogwarts Express home Fireworks/Quests Make a scale model of a space ship. Identify five different space vehicles. Who made them? What are they used for? Write about it in your journal. Pretend that you are going to apply to be an astronaut. Make the job application and fill

Airplanes Activities and Quests/Fireworks

May 15-19 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Make Paper Airplanes 2. Key Points – Discover Remarkable Airplanes 3. Collaborative – Identify Airplane Parts 4. Writing - Write Cinquains 5. Math/Logic – Plane Capacity Math 6. Character Connection – Wing Warp Challenge 7. Big Activity – Flight Competition 8. Movement - Balancing Cups Relay Race Minecraft Activities Ride the Flying Ford Anglia Aviation history quiz game Experience the four forces of flight Identify parts of an airplane Experience a wind tunnel Build challenge: Make a famous aircraft Fireworks/Quests Imagine that you have just witnessed the first flight of man ever. Write a descriptive essay about how you felt and where you were when

Books, Books, Books!!

Reading is the most important academic skill children can acquire. Once children are readers, they can learn anything - no limits! Learning how to read is not as hard as you think. Let your child learn to read. I like to brag that I didn't teach my children to read. They taught themselves. Given the right environment and opportunity, children naturally use their own learning styles to become readers – and - they read quite well! You see, reading is wonderful and enjoyable. Reading is only hard and boring when there's nothing good to read or when it's turned into a chore. I've never met an adult that enjoys snuggling up with a good list of sight words. Like us, children prefer to read things

Cars Activities and Fireworks

May 8 - 12 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Paint Race Cars 2. Key Points – History of the Automobile Timeline 3. Collaborative – Identify Car Parts 4. Writing – Advertise the Future of Transportation 5. Math/Logic – Math Race Game 6. Character Connection – Henry Ford - Assembly Line 7. Big Activity – Car Race 8. Movement - Find Model T Ford Key Points Minecraft Activities Ride the Knight Bus Identify the parts of a combustion engine City streets rules activity Car race build challenge: make a type of car Fireworks/Quests Find out what car models are new this year. Learn more about one of them, possibly going on a test drive with your parents. Write a review of this new car. Tell a bedtime sto

Success and Failure

My son has a friend who is an Eagle Scout, but he's not proud of it. The reason why is because he says his mom did all the work for him. Not only is this against the scout rules, but the boy is left with the feeling that he's not good enough to do it himself, so his mommy had to do it for him. He has the title, but not the sense of accomplishment. In the long run, is it the title or the accomplishment that would help him most? I say it's the accomplishment -- or even the lack of it. You don't learn anything from having a title. It is through failure and success that individuals feel good about themselves and learn from these invaluable experiences. It is vitally important that we give our ch

Trains Activities and Quests

May 1-5 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Paint Train Prints 2. Key Points – Train Timeline 3. Collaborative - Maglev Train - Make electromagnets 4. Writing - Locomotive - Word roots 5. Math/Logic – Train math game 6. Character Connection – Character Trains - What follows your actions? 7. Big Activity - Reenact the Transcontinental Railroad Completion Ceremony 8. Movement - Train Parts - Each student is part of a train Weekly Disneyland Class Self-guided tour - Students find answers about trains by reading signs and talking to the conductor and other cast members. New Orleans Train Station: What power makes the train run? Why are there rods between the train wheels? What are the different types

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