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Cars Activities and Fireworks

May 8 - 12

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Paint Race Cars

2. Key Points – History of the Automobile Timeline

3. Collaborative – Identify Car Parts

4. Writing – Advertise the Future of Transportation

5. Math/Logic – Math Race Game

6. Character Connection – Henry Ford - Assembly Line

7. Big Activity – Car Race

8. Movement - Find Model T Ford Key Points

Minecraft Activities

  • Ride the Knight Bus

  • Identify the parts of a combustion engine

  • City streets rules activity

  • Car race

  • build challenge: make a type of car


  • Find out what car models are new this year. Learn more about one of them, possibly going on a test drive with your parents. Write a review of this new car.

  • Tell a bedtime story about cars.

  • If cars could talk, what would yours say to you? What would cars discuss with each other? Write a story about it.

  • Assist an adult as they change a tire, perform an oil change, or other simple car repair.

  • Make the phone book for the town of Radiator Springs.

  • Make up a song to memorize the parts of a car.

  • Make a poster that shows several different types of cars. Label them.

  • Make a pie chart that shows percentages of what countries the cars in the US come from.

  • Question the whole idea of automobiles. Would we all be better off with a different mode of transportation? Write your ideas in your journal.

  • Think about the slogans that car dealers use. Can you think of better slogans? What slogan would you use for your life?

  • Write a nursery rhyme about cars.

  • Write a sports story about car races.

  • Play some car math games:








  • Take 45 minutes to study about and prepare a 45-second presentation about a vehicle.

  • Make up jokes about cars.

  • Shop for a new car. Select three different cars to compare. Visit online Websites and car dealerships. Which is your favorite car? How much does it cost? It is worth it? Write your findings as a car buyer's recommendation.

  • Go on a road trip. Tell others about your experiences on the road. Remember to “unpack your adjectives!”

  • Create an index of your favorite 10-20 cars.

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