World Art Activities and Fireworks

April 27 – May 1 Workshop Activities 1. Craft - Statuesque 2. Key Points - Unscramble 3. Collaborative – Emotive Statues 4. Language Arts – The Terse Critic 5. Math/Logic – Artists’ Ages 6. Character Connection – Trading in Peace 7. Big Activity – Guess Who? 8. Movement - Ring a Flamingo Fireworks Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them. Look for and research public monuments that exist in your community. Take pictures, collect information, interview the artists (if possible), and create a catalog of the artist's work. Learn about how bronze statues are made:


This is a handy alphabetical guide to some of terms you may encounter on our site and throughout the homeschool community. Attendance This is the accounting of a child's daily educational experiences. If students are enrolled in brick-and-mortar schools, they must be present physically. Students in many distance learning programs count completed work or time spend online for attendance. Student-led or unschooling approaches may count any day that students engage in educational activities. Charter School This is a free public school that offers an alternative to your neighborhood public school. While some charter schools offer full-time programming, some have no brick-and-mortar facilities. C

Summer 2020

Online and In-Person Classes! Grades K-12. Scroll down to see all the classes. High School Math in Santa Ana Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9am-noon Start Date TBD* Finish your algebra 1, algebra 2, or geometry class this summer! Students come to a small class setting three times a week to receive instruction and tutoring to finish their math classes. Each student gets individualized help based on the specific math concepts they need to master to finish their class. With a maximum of ten students in the group, the teacher can help each student continue to move forward. $360 for three weeks (9 days) Additional weeks after the first three are $120 each. *Registration will open after stay-at-hom

Teen Classes Online

Interesting and interactive learning! No textbooks, no lectures, no worksheets, no tests. Register today! Interactive, supportive, and academically stimulating learning for students ages 11-18 who take an interest in their own learning. Participating students get: Interaction and collaboration with other teens Support of mentors 1/2 hour of live one-on-one math tutoring each week These school subjects: English​ social science math science Spanish ​Students get to research discuss report review​ collaborate $564 for six-weeks Start any time - we can prorate. Students​ who join Inspire Charter Schools' Vendor Package Program with us get these classes for FREE. Additionally, teachers will help

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