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Summer 2020

Online and In-Person Classes!

Grades K-12. Scroll down to see all the classes.

High School Math in Santa Ana

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9am-noon

Start Date TBD*

Finish your algebra 1, algebra 2, or geometry class this summer!

Students come to a small class setting three times a week to receive instruction and tutoring to finish their math classes. Each student gets individualized help based on the specific math concepts they need to master to finish their class. With a maximum of ten students in the group, the teacher can help each student continue to move forward.

$360 for three weeks (9 days)

Additional weeks after the first three are $120 each.

*Registration will open after stay-at-home orders are reduced and it is safe to meet in small groups again. Message us to let us know that you would like to be informed when we will start.

Online & Offline DIY Games

and Boredom Busters

Monday through Friday, June 1-5, 11-12

Online and offline games for students to make and play - materials are provided to you!

Monday: DIY Active   Games  Tuesday: DIY Travel   Games  Wednesday: DIY Origami Games  Thursday: DIY Glow in the Dark   games  Friday: DIY More Games 

$100 for the week

Materials will be delivered to you!

Artistic Math Online Summer Camp

Monday through Friday, June 1-5, 10-11am

Math challenges and math-based art projects. Offline activities encouraged.

All materials are supplied to the students!

Math concepts include: 

  • Clock

  • Symmetry

  • Geometric shapes

  • Compass

  • Fibonacci sequence

  • Tessellations

Art concepts include:

  • Color Wheel

  • Primary and secondary colors

  • Color mixing

  • Portraits

  • Collage

  • Watercolor

$100 for the week - Materials will be delivered to you! Register Now!

Online "Choose Your Adventure" Stories

Monday through Friday, June 8-12, 11-12

Work with other campers to read, write, and illustrate "Choose Your Adventure" stories as a class.

Campers read adventure books together, voting as a class on what choices are made along the way, and discussing the impact of those choices. Campers collaborate to write and illustrate a class "Choose Your Adventure" story that they can share with their families and friends online. Campers may also choose to write their own "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories for family members or fellow campers to enjoy.

$100 for the week - Books are provided!

Virtues: The Gifts of Character - Online Camp

Monday through Friday, June 8-12, 9-10am

Discussion, activities and crafts that reinforce virtuous character traits including: 

  • Gratitude

  • Kindness

  • Service

  • Unity

  • Cooperation

Craft materials will be delivered to the students prior to the start of the camp.

$100 for the week

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