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Curiosity - A Vital Ingredient

We all learn best when our curiosity is fully engaged. When we’re hungry to learn.

Where does curiosity lead us?

  • We explore.

  • We seek out interesting things.

  • We visit exotic places.

  • We experiment.

  • We read good books.

Some families mistakenly decide to do these "fun" things after the "schoolwork" (i.e., worksheets) is done. But without curiosity engaged, the material will take their time but not their heart. They will not care about the content and therefore it is not memorable. In many cases, traditional schoolwork is a futile exercise.

When students are given a smorgasbord of opportunities to learn, children can pick and choose the most delicious learning experiences. This is when the learning becomes meaningful, memorable, and even exciting!

How can you encourage curiosity-driven learning? This is the biggest part of your job. You never know what will spark their curiosity. You can:

  • Expose your child to a variety of topics and talents.

  • Take your child to interesting places.

  • Allow your child to take meaningful classes.

  • Share engaging books and authors.

  • Provide a variety of materials.

Once curiosity is sufficiently engaged, your next job can be much more passive. Your child will want time and materials to seek the knowledge they're thirsting for. You never know where this will take you! Let them lead!

Your child's education should not be a common one. Why not offer exceptional learning experiences?

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