Astronomy Activities and Fireworks

1/29-2/2 Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Art in the Sky – Students draw constellations 2. Key Points – Gods in the Sky – History of astronomy studies 3. Collaborative – Split Light – Examining refracted light 4. Writing – Planet Poetry – Writing poems about planets 5. Math/Logic – Build the Solar System – Solar system math game 6. Genius Principle – Feeling Small – feeling generous in this vast universe 7. Big Activity – Leonardo's Pageant – presenting poems 8. Movement - Eight Planets – a four corners-type of game Minecraft Class Build a scale model of the universe Discover the moon phases Visit the moon Build challenge: make a space station Upcoming Activities Call to Adventure – Livestream

Automatons Activities and Fireworks

Workshop Activities 1. Craft – Robot Craft 2. Key Points – History of Robotics 3. Collaborative – Program Your Robot 4. Writing – Robot Laws 5. Math/Logic – Human Computer 6. Genius Principle – Imaginary Dialogues 7. Big Activity – Build a Robot 8. Movement - Robot Dance-off Disneland Meetup 1/26 Activities include visiting the following Audio-Animatronics: Abraham Lincoln Dinosaurs Small World Dolls Tiki Room Birds Minecraft Class 1/26 Explore robot sensors Robotic farming equipment Fighting robots Build challenge: make a model of a non-anthropomorphic robot Upcoming Activities Call to Adventure – Livestream every Tuesday morning at 6:45 AM on Celebration Education Families Facebook page: h

A Message to Charter School Teachers

Hi Teachers!! This is a special invitation - and gift - to any teacher for a charter school for whom we are a vendor. Did you know that you can meet with your families at our learning center in Santa Ana for free? Our learning center is a warm and inviting environment with a home-like feel. There are games and blocks for the children to play with. Next year we plan to charge $5 per hour for these meetings, so take advantage of this now! But whether you meet with families here or not, we would love to have you come by to see the place! As a small "boutique" type of learning center, we expect to fill for our next school year. We would love to give you the chance to learn more about our program

Anatomy Activities and Fireworks

Workshop Activities 1. Craft - Braiding 2. Key Points – Human Anatomy by Leonardo 3. Collaborative – Frog Dissecting 4. Writing – Quotation Marks 5. Math/Logic – Human Proportions 6. Genius Principle – Be Healthy 7. Big Activity – Healthy Eating 8. Movement - Chicken Fat Minecraft Class Label bones Play Operation Experience and discussion on drug abuse Build challenge: anatomy of a Minecraft mob Upcoming Activities Call to Adventure – Livestream every Tuesday morning at 6:45 AM on Celebration Education Families Facebook page: Field Trips Body Worlds exhibit and IMAX movie at California Science


This week's Activities and Fireworks In classes this week Workshop Activities 1. Craft – House of Cards 2. Key Points – Who Dunnit? - Identify the inventors of several everyday products 3. Collaborative – Inventor's Times – timeline of inventions 4. Writing – What Bugs You? - Brainstorming for inventing 5. Math/Logic – Inventing Numbers – History of numbers 6. Genius Principle – My Invention – Invention proposal 7. Big Activity – Experiment With M's – estimating, experimenting, graphing results 8. Movement - Play Frisbee Disneyland Meetup - Wednesday Types of bridges What is an Imagineer? What do Imagineers do? How can I “Imagineer?” Minecraft Class - Friday Best invention ever mini-builds I

Teen Hang Out!

Weekly indoor hang out for ages 12 & up at Celebration Education' s Learning Bottega! Wednesdays, 2pm - 8pm 2020 East First Street, Suite 103, Santa Ana Join us for: -- board games -- computer games -- Ping Pong -- snacks -- various weekly crafts, challenges, and themes Activities available, but teens may just chill! Donations are accepted to help cover the cost of snacks (and pizza?) Parents are welcome, but not required to stay. Bring your friends!!!!

Horse Lessons

Trinity Riding Center has partnered with Celebration Education to bring you horse lessons! Trinity Riding Center is a non profit organization whose main vision and purpose is to rescue, rehab, and retrain horses for the use of therapeutic activities. Students in this class will get: Riding lessons to learn the elements of how to ride a horse crafts other ranch activities, including caring for the horses individual goals to help progress in many different life skills through the riding and interaction with the horse. All riders need to have pants and close toed shoes. Please download these documents, fill them out, and bring them with you to the first day of class. $300 for six weeks, four h

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