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A Message to Charter School Teachers

Hi Teachers!!

This is a special invitation - and gift - to any teacher for a charter school for whom we are a vendor.

Did you know that you can meet with your families at our learning center in Santa Ana for free? Our learning center is a warm and inviting environment with a home-like feel. There are games and blocks for the children to play with. Next year we plan to charge $5 per hour for these meetings, so take advantage of this now!

But whether you meet with families here or not, we would love to have you come by to see the place! As a small "boutique" type of learning center, we expect to fill for our next school year. We would love to give you the chance to learn more about our program so you can tell your families about us before we fill!

As a reward for you coming by to see our learning center before February 28th, we will give you a $10 Starbucks card! Just message us before you come so we know to expect you!

See you at the Bottega!

- Heather Martinson, Founder

Celebration Education

(909) 446-5962

See more about what we offer at our Santa Ana Learning Bottega.

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