Workshop Activities Craft – Weaving Key Points – Who Am I? - Game to discover people of the Renaissance Collaborative – Printing Press – Create a newspaper about the Renaissance Writing – Acrostic Poetry Math/Logic - How Many Years? Solve for the number of years since key events of the Renaissance Genius Principle – Multiple Intelligences Big Activity – Renaissance Food Movement - Calcio Fiorentino Disneyland Meetup Which princesses were from the Renaissance? Compare key figures of the Renaissance to today's innovators Explore the Renaissance of Disney movies Minecraft Class Gutenberg's printing press – students typeset a sentence Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment The solar system d


How to use fireworks for inquiry-based learning experiences in all the school subjects


Workshop activities 1. Craft – The Boot 2. Key Points – A Slice of Italy 3. Collaborative – Timeline of Italian History 4. Writing - Latin 5. Math/Logic – Roman Numerals 6. Genius Principle – When in Rome... 7. Big Activity - Pizza 8. Movement - Lupo Delle Ore Field Trip Italian Restaurant Minecraft Class Geography hunt in Italy Gods and Goddesses Quiz Roman Style Conquering Build Challenge - Italian Village Fireworks Make an edible map of Italy using brownies, Jell-o, cake, cookies, or mashed potatoes, etc. Create an Italian village with restaurant, clothier, art studio, etc. You can use large boxes, or make a small-scale village out of paper. You can print a paper village at: http://www.yo

Childhood of a Genius

Workshop 1. Craft – Genius Me 2. Key Points – Qualities of a Genius 3. Collaborative – All Things Are Connected 4. Writing – Genius Project 5. Math/Logic – Math Hopscotch 6. Genius Principle – Getting to Know You 7. Big Activity – Quest for Questions 8. Movement - Things In Common Disneyland Meetup 1. Walt and Leonardo 2. Other Disneyland geniuses 3. Discovering your own genius 4. Finding Italy in "it's a small world" Minecraft 1. Leonardo was a Polymath and so are you 2. Other geniuses 3. Multiple intelligences challenges 4. Build challenge: Make pixel art about Leonardo Fireworks Choose a yearlong genius project and start collecting information for it. Make a Family Tree for Leonardo. Desc

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