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Automatons Activities and Fireworks

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Robot Craft

2. Key Points – History of Robotics

3. Collaborative – Program Your Robot

4. Writing – Robot Laws

5. Math/Logic – Human Computer

6. Genius Principle – Imaginary Dialogues

7. Big Activity – Build a Robot

8. Movement - Robot Dance-off

Disneland Meetup 1/26

  • Activities include visiting the following Audio-Animatronics:

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Dinosaurs

  • Small World Dolls

  • Tiki Room Birds

Minecraft Class 1/26

  • Explore robot sensors

  • Robotic farming equipment

  • Fighting robots

  • Build challenge: make a model of a non-anthropomorphic robot

Upcoming Activities

  • Call to Adventure – Livestream every Tuesday morning at 6:45 AM on Celebration Education Families Facebook page:

  • Field Trips

  • Space Walk – 1/31 Fountain Valley

  • Colonial Farm Life at Colonial Chesterfield at Riley's Farm 1/31

  • Weekly Teen Hang Outs – Wednesdays in Santa Ana, 2-8

  • Homeschool Day at Disneyland – Friday, 1/26:


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Make a diagram of a robot. Label its parts, including the inner workings that make it work.

  • Write an imaginary conversation between Leonardo da Vinci and Asimo.

  • A robot can be defined as a mechanical device that is capable of performing a variety of tasks on command or according to instructions programmed in advance. Engineers design robots to perform complex tasks more easily and with greater accuracy. Some everyday examples of robots include:

  • automatic car washes

  • vending machines

  • automatic doors

  • robotic arms used in manufacturing

  • remote control cars and trucks

  • automatic teller machines (ATMs).

  • Make a catalog of robots.

  • Discover what new inventions are set to come to the market soon. Which inventions do you think will sell well? Which will flop in the market? Which of these inventions do you think will still be in use by the time your children are your age? Write your thoughts in your notebook.

  • Formulate a plan to get more girls interested in science. Write your plan in your notebook.

  • Learn about the robots that are on Mars.

  • Many robots have internal gyroscopes to help them remain upright. Play with gyroscopes.

  • What jobs of today will soon be replaced by robots? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Write your thoughts in your notebook.

  • Write the biography of a robot.

  • Write a rhyming poem about a robot.

  • Design (and build?) your own robot.

  • Make a stop-motion robot movie.

  • Discover the origin of the words robot, android, and automoton, and anthropomorphic.

  • Learn to dance the robot.

  • Make a marshmallow robot using pretzel sticks to hold it together.

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