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Airplanes Activities and Quests/Fireworks

May 15-19

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Make Paper Airplanes

2. Key Points – Discover Remarkable Airplanes

3. Collaborative – Identify Airplane Parts

4. Writing - Write Cinquains

5. Math/Logic – Plane Capacity Math

6. Character Connection – Wing Warp Challenge

7. Big Activity – Flight Competition

8. Movement - Balancing Cups Relay Race

Minecraft Activities

  1. Ride the Flying Ford Anglia

  2. Aviation history quiz game

  3. Experience the four forces of flight

  4. Identify parts of an airplane

  5. Experience a wind tunnel

  6. Build challenge: Make a famous aircraft


  • Imagine that you have just witnessed the first flight of man ever. Write a descriptive essay about how you felt and where you were when the event occurred.

  • With your best model plane, make adjustments in the “warp” of the wings. Record each adjustment, (up or down), illustrate each adjustment, and fly your plane; record the changes you discover with each wing adjustment.

  • Experience the Amelia Earhart timeline:

  • Build a plane with the Wright Brothers:

  • Do some Wright Brothers Classroom Activities


  • Discover the forces of flight:

  • See Ameilia's circumnavigation attempt:'s_Circumnavigation_Attempt-6410741502631003B225FC83C9742523

  • Write a science fiction story about flying machines of the future.

  • Draw the Wright Brothers' motorized plane. Label the parts.

  • Measure your wingspan (with arms outstretched, fingertip to fingertip). Compare with the wingspan of family members.

  • Create a poster, hat, or hatbox full of items depicting Amelia Earhart's life.

  • Create a word search puzzle using the names of pilots, planes, and places that were part of the early days of flight. You can use an online puzzle-generator program or graph paper to create the puzzle.

  • Make the world record paper airplane:

  • Do the Time Warp Trio Amelia Earhart page:

  • Research Amelia Earhart's life, then pretend you get to interview her. Create a list of questions you would like to ask her. What do you think her answers would be?

  • Do some plane Math Activities:

  • Take the Distance Challenge:

  • Read some books with airplanes:




  • Design your own flying machine. Study the designs that have already been tried.

  • Write a biography about a woman who flew airplanes (real or fiction).

  • Try some wing warping:

  • Make trading cards about first airplanes and pilots.

  • Make a timeline of Amelia's Earhart's firsts.

  • Write a press release to announce a new flying machine.

  • Retell the legend of Icarus.

  • Watch “Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines.”

  • Make a time line that shows the history of flight.

  • Visit an airport.

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