PFD Academy

Long Beach Thursdays, 10-12

Santa Ana Wednesdays, 12-2

October 31-June 5

(no class December 25-January 2)

Grades 6-12

$630 for 30 weeks + $50 materials fee

Study and organizational skills

to prepare students for college graduation

Skills students will learn:

  • Become an effective test-taker

  • Be accountable for their progress & classes

  • Take effective lecture notes

  • Strategize their pathway to college acceptance

  • Develop a system to succeed in school

  • Take college courses while in high school

  • Eliminate “missing assignments”

  • Be rewarded for their academic success

  • Remember without being reminded

  • Understand the college process

  • Want to succeed for him/herself

  • Prepare for and be eligible for college scholarships

  • Manage time by properly using an agenda


PFD prepares students emotionally, socially, and academically for college graduation!


  • Only 43% of all high school students are eligible for UC/CSU when they graduate high school. Only 29% of the 43% that are eligible graduate from a 4-year college.

  • Of the Hispanic and black student population, only 33% are eligible for UC/CSU after graduation.

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher rates: Whites – 33.5%; Blacks – 20%; Latinos – 13.5%.

  • PFD Academy has a 95% success rate overall and 75% for minorities.

PFD TURNS TODAY’S honor roll STUDENTS INTO TOMORROW’S college graduates.

Here are a few of the workshops that are taught in the program:

  • Organizational Skills

  • Cornell Note Taking

  • Goal Setting

  • Agenda Use

  • Study Skills

  • Proofreading Concepts

  • Test Taking Skills

  • Monthly Grade Checks

  • Character Development

  • Educational