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PFD Academy

Long Beach Thursdays, 10-12

Santa Ana Wednesdays, 12-2

October 31-June 5

(no class December 25-January 2)

Grades 6-12

$630 for 30 weeks + $50 materials fee

Study and organizational skills

to prepare students for college graduation

Skills students will learn:

  • Become an effective test-taker

  • Be accountable for their progress & classes

  • Take effective lecture notes

  • Strategize their pathway to college acceptance

  • Develop a system to succeed in school

  • Take college courses while in high school

  • Eliminate “missing assignments”

  • Be rewarded for their academic success

  • Remember without being reminded

  • Understand the college process

  • Want to succeed for him/herself

  • Prepare for and be eligible for college scholarships

  • Manage time by properly using an agenda


PFD prepares students emotionally, socially, and academically for college graduation!


  • Only 43% of all high school students are eligible for UC/CSU when they graduate high school. Only 29% of the 43% that are eligible graduate from a 4-year college.

  • Of the Hispanic and black student population, only 33% are eligible for UC/CSU after graduation.

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher rates: Whites – 33.5%; Blacks – 20%; Latinos – 13.5%.

  • PFD Academy has a 95% success rate overall and 75% for minorities.

PFD TURNS TODAY’S honor roll STUDENTS INTO TOMORROW’S college graduates.

Here are a few of the workshops that are taught in the program:

  • Organizational Skills

  • Cornell Note Taking

  • Goal Setting

  • Agenda Use

  • Study Skills

  • Proofreading Concepts

  • Test Taking Skills

  • Monthly Grade Checks

  • Character Development

  • Educational Responsibility

  • Leadership Skills

  • Student Accountability

So far 734 PFD students have graduated from college!

Raves from fans:

“PFD is the best after-school program in Long Beach. If you want your student to be prepared for High School and beyond you must sign up. PFD teaches our students skills that schools do not. My son was already a good student but now he is more organized and focused in school. He really likes attending PFD and wants to stay in the program until high school graduation. PFD is worth every penny and more. As a parent, I am informed on what my student needs to be successful. I am now his counselor with the help of PFD”

- Denise Haggerty, Parent of Jaden 8th grader Powell Academy

“PFD has a way of getting each student to care more about their future and their education. PFD is every student’s personal counselor to keep them on track and make sure they can be accepted into college and graduate. Tuition is affordable and worth it. My daughter will remain in this program throughout high school. She was a good student before PFD but now is a great student and wants to improve every week.”

- Maria Gomez, Parent of Adriana 8th grader Powell Academy

“Before PFD I only studied for tests and I did not focus. I did not write in my planner. Once PFD showed me how serious college is, I became more focused and learned how to be a good student. I now have all A’s. PFD has changed my life.”

- Brittany B. 7th grade student Powell Academy

See more about PFD:

Questions? Contact Sean Washington at PFD: 562-469-0009

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