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Flight Activities and Fireworks

May 11-15

Workshop Activities

1. Craft – Flying Eagle

2. Key Points – Reach for the Sky

3. Collaborative – Finding Amelia

4. Language Arts – Plain Plane

5. Math/Logic – Four Forces

6. Character Connection - Moxy

7. Big Activity – Flight Competition

8. Movement - Round-trip Relay


Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Create a poster, hat, or hatbox full of items depicting Amelia Earhart's life.

  • Create a word search puzzle using the names of pilots, planes, and places that were part of the early days of flight. You can use an online puzzle-generator program or graph paper to create the puzzle.

  • Do the Time Warp Trio Amelia Earhart page:

  • Research Amelia Earhart's life, then pretend you get to interview her. Create a list of questions you would like to ask her. What do you think her answers would be?

  • Make the world record paper airplane:

  • Take a homophones quiz:

  • Build a plane with the Wright Brothers:

  • Experience the Amelia Earhart timeline:

  • Discover the forces of flight:

  • Take the Distance Challenge:

  • Try some wing warping:

  • See Ameilia's circumnavigation attempt:'s_Circumnavigation_Attempt-6410741502631003B225FC83C9742523

  • Design your own flying machine. Study the designs that have already been tried.

  • Observe how birds fly. Draw a bird in flight.

  • Make a time line that shows the history of flight.

  • Watch ““Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines.”

  • Observe the different paper airplane shapes. Why do different shapes fly differently? Write your observations in your notebook, along with sketches.

  • Write a press release to announce a new flying machine.

  • Write a biography about a woman who flew airplanes (real or fiction).

  • Write a science fiction story about flying machines of the future.

  • Write down as many different types of transportation that you can think of. Ask 25 people which modes of transportation they have been on. Tally the results. Make a bar graph or pie chart of your results.

  • What would it be like if Leonardo daVinci could meet the Wright Brothers? What questions would they ask one another? What do you think their answers would be? Write their conversation.

  • With your best model plane, make adjustments in the “warp” of the wings. Record each adjustment, (up or down), illustrate each adjustment, and fly your plane; record the changes you discover with each wing adjustment.

  • Make a paper helicopter.

  • Imagine that Leonardo daVinci was successful in getting his flying machine to fly. What do you think Leonardo would have written in his notebook about it? Write it in yours.

  • Measure your wingspan (with arms outstretched, fingertip to fingertip). Compare with the wingspan of family members.

  • Make parachutes using plastic grocery bags.

  • Design your own “flying machine” that you think would have been useful in Leonardo’s time.

  • Imagine that you have just witnessed the first flight of man ever. Write a descriptive essay about how you felt and where you were when the event occurred.

  • Draw the Wright Brothers' motorized plane. Label the parts.


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