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Five Lessons Not Taught In School: Foundational Principles of True Learning

1. Learning is fun! Textbooks, worksheets, lectures, and sitting in a crowded classroom for multiple hours a day is a slow learning process that approaches futile and rarely elicits positive feelings toward learning. Exploring, playing, questioning, and experimenting is not only a more enjoyable way to learn, but it is a more powerful and effective way to learn.

Celebration Education's classes are themed to create student buy-in and interest in various topics. All school subjects are integrated into a variety of fun learning experiences.

2. Every child has genius. We do not seek to standardize children, but to draw out each child's individual strengths. These strengths can be found in a variety of disciplines, not just reading, writing, and math.

Celebration Education focuses on the things the students are good at, the things they enjoy, the things that make them unique, and the things that will help them stand out to future opportunities, including college and career.

3. Children like to learn. We believe in the capacity of children to learn without exterior motivation, grade levels, or grading. Children are naturally curious and love to explore, experience, experiment, create, and learn.

Celebration Education seeks to encourage student curiosities by inspiring them through great topics, classes, books, materials, trips, collaborations, projects, and challenges. Students are encouraged to engage with these dynamic opportunities as much as they like.

4. A child's time is important. Class time should move at the speed of learning. We don't want to waste the time of the students. Class time should be reserved for learning experiences that are not as easily done individually or at home. Things like collaboration, experiments, group learning games, projects, team sports, and the performing arts. Beyond those activities, children should be set free to read, exercise, play, explore, study, and create on their own for as long as they like. Extensive time in a classroom can deprive students of this important process.

Celebration Education's learning experiences are more impactful. We are able to cram more learning experiences into two hours than most learning programs do in a day. Celebration students not only learn more in a shorter amount of time, but we leave them wanting more. They want to see, hear, read, solve, touch, experience, and learn more -- and we let them!

5. Children deserve to feel comfortable, included, and liberated. We seek to have students that are comfortable at our facilities, with our teachers, and with fellow students. Facilities are to be clean, open, and inviting.

Celebration Education does not tolerate belittling, bullying, threats, or teasing. We seek to hold learning experiences in facilities that contribute to the feeling that anything is possible. Done right, learning is a fun adventure! 

Celebration Education provides adventure,

which inspires creativity,

and leads to possibility!

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