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Russian Activities and Fireworks

Topic: Conqueror

January 20-24

Workshop Activities

1. Craft - Monomakh's Cap

2. Key Points - Conquorers

3. Collaborative – Russian Landmarks

4. Language Arts – Terrible or Awesome? - Adjectives activity

5. Math/Logic – Logic Puzzles

6. Character Connection – Heroes Vs. Villains

7. Big Activity - Ballet

8. Movement - Edible/Inedible – Russian children’s game

Minecraft Activities

  1. Russian numbers game

  2. Russian game of cat and mouse

  3. Acrostic poems about Russia

  4. Build challenge: Russian church or mosque

Upcoming Events

  • Park Days at Santa Ana Zoo:

  • Disneyland meetup: January 31 – Explorers:

  • 2/19 Revolutionary Celebration


Read through the fireworks and choose about five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Read a book about Russia:

  • Do some free Russian games and activities:

  • Play Kolejka/Queue: The Board Game.

  • Write a story of Russia:

  • Design your own Russian mosque or church.

  • Do a tundra experiment:

  • Do some logic puzzles:

  • Learn more about the area in which you live. What governments have claimed ownership of this area throughout time? Make a flow chart to illustrate the transfer of ownership as far back as you can find information for.

  • Make a Russian Easter egg.

  • Pretend you got to visit Ivan the Terrible. What questions would you ask him? How do you think he would respond? Write this conversaion.

  • Make a fan deck of the flora & fauna of Russia.

  • Create a travel brochure to entice people to visit Russia (brochure paper)

  • Russian architecture craft:

  • Russia has been called a country of contrasts. Identify what some of those contrasts are.

  • Experience the art and math of Russian architecture:

  • Explore the biomes in Russia:

  • Discover your name in Russian.

  • Explore some Russian fairy tales:

  • Learn some Russian phrases:

  • Make some Russian food:



  • Borscht:

  • Olivier salad:

  • Russian bread:

  • Blini:

  • Debate the advantages and disadvantages of communism:

  • Practice math facts: Draw a large chalk grid on the sidewalk. Mark the numbers 1 through 9 in the squares. Toss two beanbags (or other objects) onto the grid. Add or multiply the two numbers that the beanbags landed at. If possible, watch for opportunities to subtract or divide the numbers you get.

  • There is a tradition in Russia of playing wooden spoons as a musical instrument. Try playing spoons!

  • Observe some Russian art.

  • Listen to some Russian music.

  • Learn about the balalaika:

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