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Pi Day Celebration

Come celebrate Pi Day and Einstein's Birthday with us!

Einstein and the mathematical constant π (Pi) played a big part in the second Night at the Museum movie.

Schools all over enjoy celebrating Pi day each year on March 14 (3.14). Did you know that March 14 is also Einstein's birthday? So we GOTTA celebrate it! Although we are celebrating just one day early! TWO locations to choose from!

March 13, 2020

Redlands: 9:00

Santa Ana: 2:00

Cost: FREE!

Activities include:

  • Einstein bobble-head craft

  • Pi basics

  • Pi-ku writing

  • Buffon's Needle experiment

  • Pi-bee competition - come prepared to show off how many digits of Pi you've memorized!

  • Pi-rade

  • Sing Happy birthday to Einstein

  • Pi-luck – You are invited to bring your favorite pie to share!

If you're not already taking classes with us this is a chance for you to meet teachers and see the place!

Please register so we know to expect you!


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