Games Fireworks

Class activities are listed here, with fireworks listed below.

Activities at Workshop Classes:

  1. Craft – Game Figures - Students Paint Meeples

  2. Key Points – Types of Games

  3. Collaborative – Game Design

  4. Writing – Game Storyboard

  5. Math/Logic – Hunt for Bugs in patterns

  6. Character Connection – Friendly Competition

  7. Big Activity – Chess Knights - a game that teaches chess moves

  8. Movement - Human Knot

Activities at Weekly Disney Days:

  1. Language Arts: Play word games

  2. Math Challenge: Keeping track of points of the various games

  3. Character Connection: Mary Poppins: "Snap, the job's a game!"

  4. Photo scavenger hunt with other guests doing strange things on camera

  5. Hidden Mickey competition

  6. Discuss competition, stress and how to turn mundane into a game (Mary Poppins as the character connection)

  7. Walking game

  8. Students make up their own games

Standard Disney Days Activities:

  1. Main key Points – Many kinds of games

  2. Follow-up Activity – Skills required to make video games

  3. Collaboration – Students measure and graph their heart rates at rest and after exercise

  4. Game - Board Game - Students play mini chess

Minecraft Class Activities:

  1. Chess Movements

  2. Play three games and identify the game design elements in each

  3. Discuss what makes a good game

  4. Make games


  • Pick 2-3 tasks you currently struggle to do at home. Make a game for each to make these tasks fun!

  • Learn to play a game you haven't played before

  • Make a scavenger hunt

  • Learn more about game theory

  • Much like a book report, write a game report. What makes it a good or bad game?

  • Make your own patterns with "bugs" for the others to decode.

  • Games are nothing without rules. Write down the rules to a game.

  • Play musical chairs to practice good sportsmanship.

  • Explore the gaming careers flowchart:

  • Thro