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Games Fireworks

Class activities are listed here, with fireworks listed below.

Activities at Workshop Classes:

  1. Craft – Game Figures - Students Paint Meeples

  2. Key Points – Types of Games

  3. Collaborative – Game Design

  4. Writing – Game Storyboard

  5. Math/Logic – Hunt for Bugs in patterns

  6. Character Connection – Friendly Competition

  7. Big Activity – Chess Knights - a game that teaches chess moves

  8. Movement - Human Knot

Activities at Weekly Disney Days:

  1. Language Arts: Play word games

  2. Math Challenge: Keeping track of points of the various games

  3. Character Connection: Mary Poppins: "Snap, the job's a game!"

  4. Photo scavenger hunt with other guests doing strange things on camera

  5. Hidden Mickey competition

  6. Discuss competition, stress and how to turn mundane into a game (Mary Poppins as the character connection)

  7. Walking game

  8. Students make up their own games

Standard Disney Days Activities:

  1. Main key Points – Many kinds of games

  2. Follow-up Activity – Skills required to make video games

  3. Collaboration – Students measure and graph their heart rates at rest and after exercise

  4. Game - Board Game - Students play mini chess

Minecraft Class Activities:

  1. Chess Movements

  2. Play three games and identify the game design elements in each

  3. Discuss what makes a good game

  4. Make games


  • Pick 2-3 tasks you currently struggle to do at home. Make a game for each to make these tasks fun!

  • Learn to play a game you haven't played before

  • Make a scavenger hunt

  • Learn more about game theory

  • Much like a book report, write a game report. What makes it a good or bad game?

  • Make your own patterns with "bugs" for the others to decode.

  • Games are nothing without rules. Write down the rules to a game.

  • Play musical chairs to practice good sportsmanship.

  • Explore the gaming careers flowchart:

  • Throughout the ages, people have made many interesting chess pieces. Design your own chess pieces. Either make them yourself, or make the box that your set would be sold in if it were sold in a store.

  • Try out some video game making programs:

  • Stencyl

  • Unity 3D

  • Scratch

  • Gamemaker

  • Tiny Game Design Tool

  • Participate in the Global Game Jam:

  • Create a game storyboard:

  • Play some chess variations:

  • queen vs. all pawns

  • only king and pawns

  • playing on only half the board





  • TeachingChesstheEasyFunWaywithMiniGames.pdf

  • Turn your bedroom into an escape game. Can your family figure out how to get out?

  • Learn about game mechanics:

  • Make a life-size board game to play with your family.

  • Learn more about games, game mechanics, game design, and game theory:

  • (includes some mild strong language)

  • Do some Harry Potter paper and pencil games:

  • Hold a game Jam. A game jam is an event in which game developers try to complete a game, often following a given theme, in a very short span of time, usually 48 hours, but there are longer jams as well as crazy 2-hours jams.

  • Write a game story:

  • Play Balderdash with your family.

  • Play some math games.

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