Class activities and Fireworks for 2/13-2/17

Workshop Activities

  1. Craft – Golden Snitch

  2. Key Points – Sport Sorting - introducing a variety of sports

  3. Collaborative – Make a Bouncy Ball - polymer science

  4. Writing – Rules of the Game

  5. Math/Logic – Quidditch Scoring

  6. Character Connection – Importance of Exercise

  7. Big Activity - Play Quidditch

  8. Movement – Coach Says

Weekly Disney Days Activities

  1. Make snitches

  2. How sports are good for us

  3. How your body works during sports activities

  4. Respiratory system

  5. Circulatory systems

  6. Skeletal and muscular systems.

  7. Language Arts: Play match the mascots to the cities (pro teams)

  8. Math Challenge: measure your pulse

  9. Character Connection: Goofy: Always trying new sports and activities

  10. Activity: Reaction Time

Standard Disney Days Activities

  1. Craft: Golden Snitch

  2. Main key Points – Many kinds of games

  3. Follow-up Activity – Making video games

  4. Collaboration – Sports – measuring heart rate

  5. Game - Board Game - Play Mini Chess


  1. Play Quidditch

  2. Homeostasis - Experience the circulatory system

  3. Participate in an Olympic pentathlon

  4. Create a new sport


  • Learn the rules to a sport you are not familiar with.

  • Try a new sport.

  • Does exercise give you more energy? Do an experiment. Exercise three or more times a week for two weeks. Record how you feel. Then spend a couple weeks without exercise. Record how you feel. Is there a difference in your energy? Record your thoughts in your Wizard journal.

  • Using your favorite sport, identify and compare sports superlatives. For example, find the the longest, fastest, etc. of your sport.

  • Do some experiments about how our bodies function with sports:

  • Make your own Golden Snitch: