Workshop Class Activities

  1. Craft – Prepare potion bottles

  2. Key Points - Potions and Cures - Apothecary

  3. Collaborative – Using the Scientific Method, students test various bubbles solutions

  4. Writing - "Translate" Shakespeare

  5. Math/Logic – Potions Proportions

  6. Character Connection – The Inventor Inside - Prepare for April's Triwizard competition and science fair

  7. Big Activity – Potions Class - Students experiment with acids and bases

  8. Movement - Polyjuice Potion game

Weekly Disney Days Activities

  1. Inner space

  2. Molecules are the building blocks of life - Students make models of water molecules

  3. Atoms are the building blocks of Molecules. Atoms determine what the molecule is

  4. Atoms have a nucleus made up of positive and neutral electrons, while negative electrons orbit the nucleus. Math Challenge: Counting Electrons

  5. Energy (and light) is released when a negative electron drops to a lower level of orbit from the nucleus.

  6. By changing the negative electrons, the molecule can be changed, changing the element itself to a new element or material

  7. Electrons, magnets and electricity have a clear relationship where magnets create electricity and electricity can create amazing magnetic forces

  8. Prep Videos (watch at home):

  9. Atoms and Molecules for kids

  10. What is atoms

Standard Disney Days Activities

  1. Craft: Students write with invisible ink

  2. Main key Points - Elements - Students graph earth's elements

  3. Collaboration – lifting ice experiment

  4. Follow-up Activity – types of rocks

  5. Chemical Reaction – expose invisible words

  6. Hunt – petrified tree

Minecraft Class Activities

  1. Potions Class: Students follow instructions to make Polyjuice Potion

  2. Students experience various states of matter

  3. Students make models of atoms

  4. Build Challenge: Molecule models