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High Adventure Field Trip (with optional overnighter)

Come for just the day or stay overnight!

We're finishing off our year of exploration with a fun high adventure field trip at Fort Cross in Santa Ysabel!


May 24 - 25

Daytime field trip on the 24th is 10am - 2pm.

Overnight participants may stay until 10am on the 25th.


Anyone is welcome to come!


High Adventure Field Trip activities:

  • Nature Walk: Plant and animal identification

  • Bow and arrow shooting

  • Hatchet throwing

  • Survival Workshop: may include fire-making and wild edibles identification

  • Shelter making

  • Slingshot Gallery: shoot up a ghost town!

  • Reptile Show: see an assortment of reptiles and learn who and what they are!

Overnight participants can stay in the shelters they built, or bring your tent. You also get to participate in the campfire songs and stories. Everyone gets to play a jug band instrument and have some fun around the campfire.


Fort Cross Old Timey Adventures

4425 Hwy 78, Santa Ysabel, CA

Cost for daytime only:

$20 per person (children and adults)

Cost for daytime field trip plus overnighter:

$45 per person (children and adults, in shelters or tents)

Additional $20 for an RV/Camper/Trailer space.

Children 3 and under are free.

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