Free Celebration Education Curriculum!

Follow along with Celebration Education's fun exploration theme this year with our free at-home curriculum!

Since 2006, Celebration Education has held in-person classes for students that are homeschooled. This year, Celebration Education is providing free at-home theme-related curriculum outlines that anyone can use. They are meant to complement our classes but you don't have to take our classes to use the curriculum.

Each outline has enough easy-to-use content for one week of hands-on projects. Ideas for reading, writing, and math activities are included! If this style of learning suits you, you don't have to buy any curriculum!

Here's a sample one-week outline.

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Here's how to use the curriculum.

You don't have to do it this way, but if you're a planner, these resources can help you get started.

Weekly Schedule Suggestion

It is not necessary to follow this outline religiously. Allow serendipity and exploration to replace these activities as often as you like.


Celebration Education’s workshop class or your co-op

Personal Reading (20+ minutes)

Read aloud with family (20+ minutes)


Copywork (5 minutes)

Journaling (10+ minutes)

Mental Math (10 minutes)

Math Concept (5 minutes)

Math Project (15 minutes)

Themed Fireworks Project (15+ minutes)

6-week project (20+ minutes)

Personal Reading (20+ minutes)

Read aloud with family (20+ minutes)


Enrichment Classes at Celebration Education or other learning center

Personal Reading (20+ minutes)

Read aloud with family (20+ minutes)