Workshop Activities

  • Craft – Weaving

  • Key Points – Who Am I? - Game to discover people of the Renaissance

  • Collaborative – Printing Press – Create a newspaper about the Renaissance

  • Writing – Acrostic Poetry

  • Math/Logic - How Many Years? Solve for the number of years since key events of the Renaissance

  • Genius Principle – Multiple Intelligences

  • Big Activity – Renaissance Food

  • Movement - Calcio Fiorentino

Disneyland Meetup

  • Which princesses were from the Renaissance?

  • Compare key figures of the Renaissance to today's innovators

  • Explore the Renaissance of Disney movies

Minecraft Class

  • Gutenberg's printing press – students typeset a sentence

  • Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment

  • The solar system during the Renaissance

  • Renaissance battle

  • Build challenge: Renaissance inventions or more typesetting

Upcoming Activities

  • 11/4 Meetup at Disneyland

  • 11/11 OCMA (register by 10/4)


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Write an historical fiction story set in Renaissance times.

  • Go to a Renaissance Fair.

  • Visit the International Printing Museum.

  • Explore the Renaissance:



  • Build a Castle from Blocks or Legos.

  • What music was popular in the Renaissance? Listen to a few different songs. How do these song compare to popular music today?

  • Suppose you lived during the Renaissance. Describe how your life would be different.

  • What would a “Renaissance person” in our day be like? What would this person know about or do? If you could become a Renaissance in these days, what would you know and do?

  • Write some newspaper headlines that might have been in the paper during the Renaissance.

  • Make a timeline that illustrates the events of your own life.

  • Using a blank map of the world, draw the voyages that the explorers went on. Include the dates.