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Workshop Activities

  • Craft – Weaving

  • Key Points – Who Am I? - Game to discover people of the Renaissance

  • Collaborative – Printing Press – Create a newspaper about the Renaissance

  • Writing – Acrostic Poetry

  • Math/Logic - How Many Years? Solve for the number of years since key events of the Renaissance

  • Genius Principle – Multiple Intelligences

  • Big Activity – Renaissance Food

  • Movement - Calcio Fiorentino

Disneyland Meetup

  • Which princesses were from the Renaissance?

  • Compare key figures of the Renaissance to today's innovators

  • Explore the Renaissance of Disney movies

Minecraft Class

  • Gutenberg's printing press – students typeset a sentence

  • Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment

  • The solar system during the Renaissance

  • Renaissance battle

  • Build challenge: Renaissance inventions or more typesetting

Upcoming Activities

  • 11/4 Meetup at Disneyland

  • 11/11 OCMA (register by 10/4)


Read through the fireworks and choose five that you think might interest your child. Allow him or her to select 1-3 of them.

  • Write an historical fiction story set in Renaissance times.

  • Go to a Renaissance Fair.

  • Visit the International Printing Museum.

  • Explore the Renaissance:



  • Build a Castle from Blocks or Legos.

  • What music was popular in the Renaissance? Listen to a few different songs. How do these song compare to popular music today?

  • Suppose you lived during the Renaissance. Describe how your life would be different.

  • What would a “Renaissance person” in our day be like? What would this person know about or do? If you could become a Renaissance in these days, what would you know and do?

  • Write some newspaper headlines that might have been in the paper during the Renaissance.

  • Make a timeline that illustrates the events of your own life.

  • Using a blank map of the world, draw the voyages that the explorers went on. Include the dates.

  • Learn to juggle, or perform some other kind of entertainment a Jester would perform. Make a Jester puppet.

  • Make a paper maché or clay model of a mythical creature (dragon, for example). Write a narrative story to accompany your model.

  • Create a Renaissance dish of food and give samples to classmates (BEWARE of food allergies of others!). Explain how the dish was prepared and present the recipe. Was this a special occasion dish or eaten every day? What class of people ate this dish?

  • Make a model of a Castle. Use Styrofoam, crackers, cardboard, toothpicks, etc. Each part of the castle must be labeled.

  • Research Black Death. Create a storyboard or scroll depicting information on Black Death. Present to the class.

  • Make a game with a Renaissance theme. Write out instructions of how to begin play, how to play, how to win, and how to end play. Present the game to class.

  • Make a poster of weapons or tools used during the Renaissance era. Label and describe each item.

  • Minstrels traveled all over the country during the Renaissance period. Their songs would tell the stories of events. You can use a tune you already know and write new lyrics. Perform the song live or make a video.

  • Pretend you are a person living in the Renaissance era. Identify your status in the society and write about your life for one week. Add details about your clothes, food, chores, family, entertainment, disease and home.

  • Visit an art museum.

  • Compare Leonardo to other Renaissance minds. List the subjects that each person studied. Make a line graph to illustrate how many subjects each person studied.

  • Read books (fiction or non-fiction) about the Renaissance.

  • Work on your genius project.

  • Make your own Renaissance costumes for the Renaissance Faire:

  • Write a story about a super hero named “Renaissance Man.” You can make it in comic book form.

  • Play some math games.

  • Math activity: Looking at the time line, choose ten of your favorite events. Figure out how many years it has been since that event took place.

  • Organize a time line showing significant events of the Renaissance.

  • Create a Medieval Cartoon Strip. Remember to include thought bubbles and dialogue between characters that relates to the Renaissance period.

  • Learn to play the recorder.

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