This weeks' workshop activities:

1. Craft – Miniature Castle Models

2. Key Points – World Castles

3. Collaborative – Castle Architecture

4. Writing - Heteronyms

5. Math/Logic - Auction

6. Character Connection – Hero's Cycle: Attainment/Return in Triumph

7. Big Activity – Castle Building

8. Movement – Raid the Castle

Quests to do at home:

  • Identify the architecture styles of various castles.

  • Research King Arthur. Did he really exist, or is he only fairy tale? Explain your opinion in your journal.

  • The medieval times are often called the Dark Ages. Why? Could we have dark ages again? Why or why not? Write your thoughts in your Journal.

  • Discover more about Hogwarts architecture here:



  • Do some online trebuchet activities:

  • Do some online jousting:

  • Make a coat of arms:



  • Play a heraldry game:

  • Compare different types of residences. Make an attribute chart to compare the different qualities of the structures.

  • Other miniature castles ideas:

  • Use cardboard, sugar cubes, or ice blocks.





  • Label the castle parts.

  • Locate castles on six continents.

  • Do a Voldemort logic puzzle:

  • Have the students create a floor plan of Hogwarts or another castle:

  • Read an English pronunciation poem:

  • Create a Medieval marketplace, complete with guilds.

  • Translate some olde English language.

  • Write a modern-day legend.

  • Explain the system of Royalty in medieval times.

  • Play some traditional Medieval games such as:

  • Bocce ball -- played with croquet balls.

  • Sheep throw -- participants grab a stuffed sheep by the legs and try to throw him over their shoulders and through the goalposts.

  • Archery -- use rubber-tipped arrows or rubber-band and q-tips.

  • Lance throw -- use pool noodles.

  • Ball toss -- use plastic cups to catch balls.

  • Hold a “Medieval Day” with activities such as:

  • Make and eat some Medieval food