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Magical Words

This week's class activities

1. Craft – Magic Box - Decorate magic boxes

2. Key Points – Types of Poems - Identify different types of poems

3. Collaborative – Collaborative Poem - Students work together to create a poem

4. Writing - Couplets - Students write couplets

5. Math/Logic – Magic Squares - Find the solution

6. Character Connection – Magic Words - Good words to use

7. Big Activity – Poetry Reading - Students each read or recite poems

8. Movement - Wingardium Leviosa - Relay race

Quests for at home

  • Make your own magic squares.

  • Write some poems of your own:

  • Make a poetry lapbook:

  • Compare poetry from five different countries. Can you make poems in the style of those countries?

  • Write a poem about your own life.

  • Write a poem that will help you memorize some science facts.

  • Write a poem that includes all four keys of poetry:

  • Rhyme-similarity of sounds at the end of words.

  • Rhythm-a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in the line of a poem.

  • Alliteration-repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words. Example-Sally sells sea shells

  • Form-the way a poem looks

  • Make a poetry ABC book.

  • Make up a set of couplet spells.

  • How many syllables are there in your name and in the names of each of your family member?

  • Write three different types of poems.

  • “Translate” one of Shakespeare's sonnets into modern language.

  • Read poems by two different poets. Compare their two styles. Which do you like better? Write about it in your wizard journal.

  • Hold a family poetry slam.

  • Make a concrete poem:

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