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Join us at Learning Outside the Box!

Celebration Education has been providing exciting learning experiences to families in Southern California since 2006. Now, for the first time ever, Celebration Education lessons and systems are being made available to learning groups everywhere!

We're still working on the new Website, but you can join now for free or just $25 to access 14 weeks worth of fun lesson plans! This is our Beta launch and we're looking for feedback. Get your membership at today and let us know what questions you have!

In the fall, Learning Outside the Box will have month-by-month content for members to download and use for their own learning groups. Back by popular demand, our theme for the 2021-2022 school year is our "Crafting a Country". It's American history with a Minecraft twist! Students will touch on all school subjects through a full year of fun and engaging history experiences.

If you're new to the ideas of the many possibilities that are available to you when you stop using standardized curriculum, I encourage you to join our special training sessions. You can learn how you can make the most of the learning time you have with your kids. Heather Martinson of Celebration Education has partnered with Peggy Hall of to provide this online training to you for four Thursdays, starting May 13. Register for the training at

The Celebration Education classes here in Southern California will continue to be posted at


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