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Dogsled Adventure

Join us for a dogsled adventure!

December 14, 10-2

in Big Bear

This is one of the best field trips we've ever done. It's been eight years since we've done this event and the families are still talking about it!

We will visit Robert Stradley, a real dog sled musher and his team of dogs. Students will visit a number of stations, where the students will experience

◦ Arctic clothing

◦ dog sled

◦ show shoes

◦ harnesses and lines

◦ cooker

◦ dog kennels

◦ dog cuddling

◦ human dog team

◦ a craft

Robert will share dog musher stories that illustrate the value of learning, the importance of developing good habits, and the character that will help them be winners in the Race of Life.

$20 per student, ages 5-17.

Adults and littles are free.


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