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Celebration Education at YOUR Learning Center!

Celebration Education has been providing exciting, dynamic, and powerful learning experiences for kids since 2006. And it's a lot of work! We find that teachers really like our approach, but it's too much to ask a teacher to put in all the extra time that this type of dynamic learning requires.

Well what if you got to have the dynamic and fun learning experiences with your students, without putting in all the extra work? Let us do it for you!

Each week's kit includes the materials you need for 8 hands-on activities, all prepped and ready for you to teach right out of the box! All for as little as $8 per student per week. It's enough for one 5-hour school day with your students, or you can spread it out to have dynamic learning all week.

Here's an example of this week's activities and materials. Group activities are intended for 2-3 students per group:

  1. Craft – Inuit Soapstone Carvings - pictures of real soap carvings - a candle for each student to carve - safe carving tools

  2. Key Points – True/False Polar Creatures Game - 12 polar creatures key points cards with pictures - True/False board - clips, one for each student (to cast their votes on the true/false board)

  3. Collaborative – Scientific Classification - students work in groups to classify animals - mixed M&M bags, one for each group (to introduce classifying) - pictures of arctic species, one set for each group - scientific classification charts, one for each group

  4. Language Arts – Polar Bear Meets Penguin - write a non-fiction story about a polar bear and penguin that meet - pictures of animals to sort the north pole and the south pole animals - writing/drawing page, one for each student

  5. Math/Logic – Great Backyard Bird Count - group mapping activity - a US map for each group to color

  6. Prepare for Adventure – Pet Care - students write their pets' needs - list papers, one for each student

  7. Big Activity – Polar Insulation Experiment (teacher provides ice) - cotton gloves (represents fur) - shortening (represents whale blubber)

  8. Movement - Dog Sled - students line up as dogs in a dog sled team and follow the musher's commands - small snack (to serve as dog treats)

OK so that's a lot, right? Papers and pictures come printed, cut and ready to use. And we recommend you do all of this in one fun-filled day! All for just $8 per student per week!

Do you want to stretch the experience into a full week of dynamic learning? We recommend you have topic-related books on hand for your students to explore. You can add in long-term projects, other activity-based academic learning activities (these are free each week and complement the outline above), or enrichment classes that dive deeper into a topic. Then you can top it all off with quarter events that go along with the theme! We're happy to help you get started with any of this!

We can help with training and promoting!

Are you ready to get started? Got questions? Call or email me & let's talk!

- Heather Martinson

(909) 446-5962


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