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At Home and Online Private School

Experience at-home learning that's fun and meaningful!

This is an opportunity for your children

to rediscover their love of learning!

This is an at-home private school (private school satellite program) available to students learning at home in California.

K-8 Students get:

  • fun and meaningful learning experiences at home- Textbooks and worksheets are not required!

  • school enrollment in a private school that you "attend" at home.

  • materials for dynamic at-home learning - not worksheets!

  • weekly online one-on-one chats with a teacher to check progress and provide challenges

  • weekly online activities to interact and learn with other children.

  • reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and art activities at your child's learning level

  • opportunity for your child to increase their personal genius

  • discounts on additional classes

Easy for parents, fun for kids!

$200 per month, starting September 1, 2020.

This enrollment automatically renews each month,

including summer. Cancel any time.

Not all children learn the same.

Let us help your child make the most out of their learning experiences.

Important notices:

  • This option includes enrollment in a private school, with classes that students attend from home. Legally, students may not be enrolled in multiple schools at once. If your child is currently enrolled in a local public school, a charter school, or in another private school (including PSA), it will be necessary for them to withdraw from their current school.

  • Enrollment in this school is not available to our students that take our in-person classes.

  • If you want your children to participate in these learning experiences but you don't need school enrollment, then you do not need to "enroll" here, but you are welcome to register for any of our classes.

Join any time!

Email us with your questions!


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